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Fizz advice/clarifications

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Hi everyone,

I'm testing out Fizz masteries and (to a lesser extent) rune selection. I know he is a mainly AP assassin, but he seems like he will benefit from AD a lot as well due to him being a melee on-hit based champion. I play mostly dominion. (but wouldn't mind to hear and learn the differences in specing fizz between the 2 game types)

From purely empirical stats I always see that the physical damage portion of my games are always hovering around 25-30%, even down to low 20s% in long long games. What I'm having trouble with is having more consistent sustained damage later on in the game since once my Q and E are used i basically auto attack. Fizz is an assassin but late-game should I still play hit-and-run with rylais/hourglass/lich providing enough hp/arm/mr to stay and fight?

What I want to clarify is which portion(s) of his attack benefit from AD/arm pen and which portion benefit from AP/magic pen.

Also is MR good for fizz? As of right now I don't have too much trouble with ranged AP champs (barring diana) but will this change once i hit 30? Also should I invest more on defensive or focus on fizz's strength in its offense? I'm getting mixed results in this department where sometimes i can't seem to burst down anyone but sometimes I have no problems killing at all.

right now my runes are the usual:
- mpen red runes
- flat armor yellow runes
- 5x flat mr and 4x ap/lvl blue runes
- flat ap quints

- i get 10% magic AND armor pen (i want to know if the 10% armor pen is worth it, or if I should put the points into defensive mastery instead)
- 3 pts into brute force instead of mental force (not sure since i *think* 3 into brute force gives me more consistent autoattk dmg over the burst mental force gives?)
- is sunder worth it for 2 armpen per mastery pt on fizz?

What I really want to know is that on fizz what benefits from his AP and what benefit from his AD?

- (Q) urchin strike: lets say the strike does 10 magic dmg overall, with 7 being the auto atk and 3 being the bonus from urchin strike - does this mean that AP/mpen benefit the whole 10 or just the 3 (via the 70% multiplier)?
- (W) seastone trident: similarly, does the passive itself benefit from AP/mpen exclusively?
- lichbane procs - does this item turn the next fizz autoatk into all AP benefit meaning armor pen will not help it?
- will life steal help fizz in any way? from my research spell vamp does not seem to be useful for fizz at all.


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Careful Ima Trap



accept the summoner's code please. >.<

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I know its tempting, but AD is not the way to go with Fizz.

I actually love playing as Fizz, as he is one of my favorite characters, and when I first played with him, I made quite a few mistakes that it seems you are having.

One thing I totally misunderstood was how powerful the W was. The W is what Fizz uses instead of AD. It deals a massive bonus of magic damage, and leaves a DoT effect as while as Grievous Wounds.
Because Urchin Strike applies on-hit effects, I normally wait until the last second, activate W, and then Dive in to the party. These two abilities alone will do massive damage. At this point, if the person tries to fight, you can dodge a big ability with E, or if they try to run, you can use E to slow and further poke them. As long as you keep W up, you will do a MASSIVE amount of damage to your enemies, and they would not be able to fight you in a sustained fight.

Good luck with Fizz! Watch the Champion Spotlight to be honest, it is very helpful