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random list of stuff

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It'd be nice if cooldown/damage/etc was shown for all champion abilities and summoner spells.

No matter how much I stretch the screen I can't read the bottom of the weapon/defense/utility tree. Also, lots of text is cut off like name/rank.

Rune page needs an option somewhere to delete a rune. Would also help if runes worked ^_^

Tier 1 rune icon in summoner profile is broken.

Buddies list could use some work. I think the icons are random? It'd be nice if it put the people online at the top and had some sort of indicator to show that they're online. I'm talking about on the summoner profile main page, but the buddy tab.

It'd be cool if you could click on the recent matches tab and see a stats page for that game.

The Click to Learn More about XXXX hero button doesn't do anything on the summoner profile main page.

Entire summoner profile is very laggy.