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List of things that I think would improve dominion.

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This thing could use a few more drafts.... MF is listed twice.

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I think this would have been a better post without the unnecessary tier list drama, but otherwise there are many good points brought up here. A few comments:

2. AP Teemo was overbuffed, that's his problem. Bugfixing his E and then buffing the ratio on it skyrocketed his damage outside of shrooms, which were already stupidly strong (seriously, level 3 shroom is 600 base damage with 80% AP ratio that grant vision for like 10 seconds with a sweeper). An AP Teemo with some set up time can simply win teamfights before the enemy team even gets to throw a punch at best, and at worst provides significant jungle control to his team. His shrooms need a nerf now that AP Teemo is far more reliable.

3. Garrison has been brought up before, and I tend to agree it is currently too strong as well. It's a hard one to balance though. 1-2 garrisons are important for their offensive aspect (ie neutralizing tower advantage for a few seconds), but having 4 would more or less completely eliminate any sort of advantage the team holding 3 points should have. The defensive aspect is easier to balance; I think we can all agree the regen is too much and should be nerfed to hell or even removed. The capture nullification, faster firing rate and aoe damage is good enough.

On a side note here, I would like to see the Mastermind mastery buffed to have an increased effect on the CS. 15% reduction is not enough to make anyone go for it these days, however if it was buffed to a 30% reduction? It might be something to think about, particularly if the rest of utility gets an overhaul for season 3 (since it essentially sucks beyond 8-9 points in any game mode).

4. No argument on AP itemization; it sucks and more mid-range items like Guise and Sweeper are needed to replace all those 2.5k+ items. At the very least we need a 'deathbeanie' as many have suggested that would basically be half a deathcap at half the cost. RoA desperately needs a Dominion variant as well that works off total game time, not game time from when you complete the item.

As for Veil, it has the some problem its SR counterpart has (it's largely out of favour there too if you've noticed); you want the completed item for the passives, but doing so causes the catalyst passive to be lost. This puts it in an awkward situation where it's hard to fit into a build (unless you're Ryze, Blitz or Kassaderp), and most people have gone back to FoN if they need heavy mres. They fixed RoA by allowing it to keep the procs, the same needs to be done for the veils IMO.

5. I've put forth my opinion on bottom lane before, so I'll just list it one more time. It's not just summoners, the lane just tends to be very stagnant in general unless you have a bad matchup, especially in soloq where top often ignores its existence and the bots are stuck farming for 20 minutes. There are good reasons why 99% of soloq players HATE bottom to the point where some people have seen others say, "Top or I afk/feed." a) People play Dominion to avoid stagnant farm-offs and b) blind pick means you can get stuck a bad matchup with teammates who many not help you. I've often seen some frustrated bots just ABANDON THE LANE without saying a word while everyone plays a game of chicken seeing who gets stuck as the replacement. Had to bot as Sona against a farmed Nunu the other day after Darius just left the lane and showed no interest in returning. Oddly enough, I wasn't able to hold that for very long. Something needs to change so that two players aren't obligated to sit there and have less fun all game (some matchups are fun, but these days it's always the same boring OP **** like Malz, Nunu, Jayce, Jax, Yorick etc.).

6. I think it would be an improvement if creeps popped out in any situation that isn't two connected friendly points or two neutral points. Aside from making it easier to keep pressure on an enemy bot (ie neutralizing their point without a cap doesn't 'punish' you by cutting off your reinforcements!), it would also make promote more useful, though it needs some buffs regardless if they're even keeping it for season 3.

7. The problem here goes with #5, in that the map encourages an endless 1v1 bottom lane. Unlike SR, you can't just push your lane and then run up to support your teammates; you don't have enough time to get there without giving a non-braindead enemy bot a free cap. The current meta came to be because sticking a guard dogs from each team bottom and keeping them there all game is simply the best strategy for bottom lane. This needs to change, and improving the relic/quest point won't help IMO.

9. YES PLEASE. Could you finally get rid the tips too, or at least properly flag them so that they don't show up if the 'show tips' box is unchecked? Thanks.

10. There should be no rubberbanding, period. It is a stupid mechanic in ANY game, usually reserved for single player games to add artificial difficulty. Dominion games are supposed to be shorter 15-20 minute affairs, there should not be mechanics trying to stretch out the game; you get absolutely crushed for the first 10 minutes straight, the opposing team should have the upper hand.

Window timers could use some tweaking or at least be more visable, yes.

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@ op:

poppy is a girl


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I think this would have been a better post without the unnecessary tier list drama,

What drama are you talking about?

Other than that I think you made an excellent post.