Are you interested in seeing more of the story behind Runeterra and it's Denizens?

I would read the Journal of Justice 2 20.00%
I would read the League Judgements 2 20.00%
I would read both the Judgements and the Journal 9 90.00%
I'd like to see more of the Freljord Story 6 60.00%
I'm happy without all the stories 0 0%
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Freljord patch

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It seems to me that they did a lot of work in the Freljord patch, giving a lot of history, backgrounds, reworking two champs along with releasing another champ, releasing a map, creating numerous videos and a microsite (If that's what it is).

What bothers me is, it leaves so many questions unanswered, such as who were the watchers, will they be coming around, and if so, will it be in a story, or is the possibility for a champ in the mix? How about the war that is going on with Ashe and Sejuani? What is going on with it? And how will Trundle play into it?

And a little off topic, but with so many champs who have lines for the Howling Abyss, such as Anivia, who has actual lines, depending on if she is Black Frost Anivia or Normal (Both have a unique set of lines for the Howling abyss), why is it then that Lissandra has no real lines? Aside from a couple the Ghost brings up? And there are more stories I'm interested in hearing, such as what happened with Averosah.

These are things I'd like to talk about, since they took away things like the League Judgements (Which I thought were fantastic) as well as the Journal of Justice. Bringing in the Freljord patch, with all the easter eggs and such really gave me hope that there would be more to follow, in regards to story and the creating of the world.

I hope to hear back from the community on this, and see if anything might happen.

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Apparently what i've seen they stated Blackfrost Anivia is a future reference, instead of an alternate future. So that gets you to think what will be the end result of the freljord war. Which is fairly simple, Lissandra will actually win the freljord war and by corrupting the land, she corrupts Anivia.

Anivia is tied to the land, dies off, then reborns, it wasn't a past life, it's a future life. Lissandra was also the only one who wishes to claim total dominance, not to forget she is infact immortal. She let her sisters die off, and she's the only true iceborn that remains.

Also quite the resemblance to Anivia's Quote's;

to ashe she says;

"Your dream has failed."
"The Freljord is lost!"

to sejuani she says;

"Strength cannot save you."
"You too will succumb!"

And the funny one is;

"I will not spare you, Lissandra!"
"Your plots are undone, Lissandra."

To me that indicates Anivia wouldn't ever ally with Lissandra, but remain her rival even if she is corrupted. Anivia is the freljord, and won't be puppet'ed by someone else simply because she corrupts the ice. Anivia becomes evil, not controlled.

But that is my view of it all. If Lissandra can control anivia, she would be more powerful then an being of pure elemental magic, but elemental magic is drawn from the landscape it comes from. (Sand golems etc) have the same effect to that.

But it's kind of a funny twist in lore to be honest. If Ashe loses, Sejuani will take control, but both of them do not have the sufficient strength to even get close to Lissandra in this state. Thus, was also the reason why lissandra was able to kill averosa.

In the end, If lissandra corrupts the land, and anivia is corrupted with her, the tribes will unite, and fight against the ice witch. Which also leads to even more alliances because of the threat lissandra will expose to the outside world.