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Wanting to start a team.

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Hello everyone. I am posting this thread in attempts to find a team that is online often enough to do 5v5 ranked everyday and possibly multiple times a day. I have only done 6 ranked games, but it's because I couldn't stand the kids I got on my team that were trolling. I have won and lost three. But because my teammates were trolling, it made my starting ELO at 1188...Lets just say I'm not a happy camper. From how I play, I know I can be a 1600-2000 ELO player, but I can't do that without a good team to get me there. I can't decide what position I want to be...Why? Because I have had great success in all (except for support, for I am not very good at support). I started out on this game as an ADC, discovering Vayne and just going on rampages with her. Up to 20-30-40 kills in one game. Then I learned of jungling and the solo top position. I used to solo top a long time ago with my mains such as Vlad, Fiora, Riven, etc and loved it. I loved being able to farm up to 200-300 cs in a matter of a 40 minute game and just getting so fed I could turn team fights in my favor (especially as Fiora with almost 100 AD at level 1 ). Then I learned how to play mid. Mid was my favorite and main position for probably the longest time. I love to play Ahri mid and Kat mid. Probably my two favorites of whom I've had great success with. Then more recently in these past few months I've played primarily jungler, also with a lot of great success. My favorites are Udyr, Lee Sin, Olaf, Nocturne and Shyvana.

SO. After all that, I want to convice you all that I am not a traditional 1k Elo player. Here are some my recent games that I have logged over the past week or so, in their respective positions (Also these are in Normal Draft pick, which is in my opinion similar to ranked but not quite as serious/competitive):

Solo Top:
Fiora: 14/4/5 , 11/1/4
Vlad: 18/2/6 , 22/2/3
Irelia: 26/6/11
Olaf: 13/3/5

Solo Mid:
Ahri: 10/0/1 , 8/1/3 , 9/2/2
Katarina: 13/4/6 , 8/0/5
Vlad: 15/2/4
Mordekaiser: 14/2/4
Nidalee: 6/1/8 , 8/3/10

Jungler My Lifetime Ranked stats for Udyr are: K:30 D:15 A:38
Udyr: 9/1/1 , 9/6/8 , 23/5/8 , 9/0/5 , 15/5/9
Lee Sin: 9/0/4 , 9/1/3 , 14/2/5 , 4/1/10
Olaf: 8/5/15 , 6/0/5
Nocturne: 6/1/1 , 16/4/6 , 10/2/8
Shyvana: 12/2/8

Ranged ADC
Graves: 6/0/2 , 6/1/5, 12/0/4 , 4/1/1
Ezreal <3: 24/5/11 , 6/0/1 , 12/4/9, 8/2/2
Corki: 14/5/3
Varus: 24/6/5

Okay! Now that I'm done typing that! So, like I said, I have had great success in all these positions and can't decide which I want to say I want to apply for on a team...So what I'm asking is that if you're interested in me to be any of these positions, I'd be glad to try out for you and your team.

Just add me in game if you want to me to try out or play some games with you to see how I do in any or all positions.
I have Skype as well so just let me know!