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(RP) The writings of Haelion Bastion

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(A few things to know before you begin to read this, or even write on it.

1.) You may freely interact with the story, as long as you are honestly trying to participate, rather then disrupt a piece of possible creation.
2.) You may act as a summoner, or perhaps even a champion.
3.) I will set a foundation that can be expanded from.)

The starting location of this story begins in the once full of life chambers of Haelion Bastion, who has seemed to disappear from sight. Two young summoners named Raelton Bastion and Talor Nama can be found in the room, scavenging for any evidence of Haelion's random disappearance. After a short period of time, Talor notifies Raelton that he will spread word around the area to search for Haelion Bastion. Now, sitting alone in the room, we see Raelton Bastion..

Act 1, The Search Is On.

Raelton's View
It had been to long since the younger brother of the esteemed high summoner had been in his chambers. He remembers a long time ago, in which he was easily scorned for even setting his sights towards this pedestal of all that is supposedly holy. Now, free reign was on his side, and he was in the forbidden room.

Raelton smirked, nestling his short black hair inside the hood of his summoner's robe. He wiped away pieces of remnant hairs that simply decided to not be swayed on his gaunt facial structure. Raelton was much more of a fighter then his brother, but he was frail nonetheless, keeping an active body type.

He took a small bite into the rich red apple in his hand, finishing the already finished piece further into it's core. Throwing away the carcass of nourishment, he once again started to search of any belongings of his herald brother.

It seemed, after a short period of time, the longer he would search the more he would not be able to find. It simply seemed there would be no way to track his witty brother. But, to his avail, he noticed underneath the bedding a scuffed corner of what seemed to look like a journal...

Raelton looked to the journal... Reading what it held inside...

(What the journal reads is found here, http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=244265)

What... What happened to my brother? He thought to himself. Raelton, curious to what else lay in store for him, quickly shuffled through the book. What he found next, gave the exact evidence he needed.

It has been sometime since I have been to the deserts of Icathia. All I can feel is the ever calling presence that the Prophet felt so long ago... And now, I am to go there as well? My mind speaks to me of a Guardian, of a breaking of a seal, of the immense power in which Cho Gath is gathering to become stronger... To release my Master.

I will seek out the answers in which are needed, and then I myself will control these beasts, showing them the might of a Summoner.

-Haelion Bastion, High Summoner.

Quickly, Raelton left the room, searching for Talor..

Talor's View
"Now, let us see if we can find anyone who has any evidence of Raelton's brothers location." Said the ever calm Talor. The soon to be adult dashed quickly from chamber to chamber, asking anyone who he could possibly find that would be able to give information on the revered Haelion...

The search for Haelion will have to continue until I find SOMETHING
She continued to go through the confines, seeking out answers...

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*from the point of Fiddlesticks*
Sitting in darkness, with no thought of anything, I grow bored and decide to send out a 'little friend', one of my crows to be precise, seeing through his eyes I watch a curious young man in robes, obviously a Summoner. I command the crow to follow this young man for awhile, flying silently in the rafters I followed him through the kitchen where he got an apple, to a room full of dust, with a name on the door reading "Haelion Bastion, High Summoner". This name seemed familiar to me, increasing my curiosity, I followed the young man into the room, he seemed to be looking for something. He found a small book, I recognized it, it was Haelion's journal.
Haelion was my friend ages ago, before I became fused with this... creature from the void, fused with it's malice... with it's hate. I refocused my attention to the man, now I see that he looks similar to my memories of Haelion, he must be his brother he spoke about in passing. I recalled the crow to think for awhile. When night fell and most of the League was asleep I stood for the first time in years outside of League sanctioned matches, I began to creep open the door... the guard stationed there looked... scared, I quickly brought all my power to bear to keep the void creature at bay. After all, once I was Istvaan, one of the first and most powerful summoners. I said to the guard in stuttered Runeterran, "I mean no harm.". The guard appeared confused, but still scared, he cried out for help. I did not stop him. A very... powerful looking man came in yelling, "What is the meaning of this!", Upon seeing me he immediately paled and stumbled. I said to this man, "I mean no harm, the demon is at bay, I must speak with the brother of Haelion Bastion."