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Shany, The lonely fairy.(mage,support,ranged)

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im not really good but i like imagine, so i'm trying ^^
Shes from the forest,she was the born of a magic tree. she dont like loneliness, but it's hard to her make friends since she was a little girl. She likes sweet things, and she hates the darkness. Her only friend was killed for an unknow guy, and no one did anything. She learned to collect the particles of the light and make spheres, to deal damage or protect herself. After the death of his friend she ran into the woods and got lost. On her way she found a perfect place for her, The league of legends, where she found a home to make mess, and maybe, a real friend.
She is bad making friends~ Amumu

health 350 (+75)
health regen 3.2 (+.7)
mana 270(+55)
mana regen 6.5(+.7)
armor 12 (+3)
magic resist 30 (+0)
range 575

Passive- Sweet loneliness
When she dont have allied champions closer, (1800 range) she wins 20 bonus movement speed, 9armor, 8.5 magic resist, and 10 ability power.

Q. Soft way,
shany launches a sphere that explode on contact with an enemy champion, dealing dmg and slowing the movement speed for 30% 3 seg. (target spell)
Cd; 8/7.5/6/5.5/4
Range 570

W. Friendship
Shany launches a sphere to an ally champion, protecting him for some damage and dealing magic damage per second around(250range) during 5 sec .
Cd 15/13/11/9/7
Range 600

E. Bitter way
Shany throws a loop that binds and deals magic damage to an enemy champion for 2 sec.

R.Lonely Darkness (ultimate)
Shany launches 3 spheres in front of her (like a half circle) that enclose(2 sec) and deal magic damage to the first enemy it hits.
Cd 140/120/90
Range 600

i hope you like it

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seems interesting