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Volibear strategy

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I play Volibear a lot and seldom lose with him, my number one tip would be this.

Though Surge is considered a TERRIBLE summoner spell (and in most cases this is true) examine the math on how it synergizes with Volibears ult and Innate attack speed steroids.

Also to become tanky in the least possible time, go Ninja Tabi>Spirit Visage This is one of the most cost efficient ways to become incredibly tanky in the early game.

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If im top I tipically, get a Regrowth Pendant and a Hp pot(If im jungler i take 3 pots and boots), then just farm till lvl 5-6.

My Skill order is situational, if i want to go agressive since lvl 1 i take Rolling Thunder(Q), But If i want just farm and time to time Poke, i Take W. But i Max W first dosnt matter if i take q or not first, W should be ur Main ability, Then i Max my E cuz i need that slow, if u want to have more dmg then max q, but ur role dosnt need u to deal dmg just to annoy and Disrupt enemies, i Rank up R when possible, My Main goals and core items are Heart of Gold And Philo Stone, Cuz i get a good gold income and Good hp + Mana/hp regen, boots early based on ur needs, then rush Spirit Visage to boost ur passive, Warmogs next, then i take Force of Nature or Sunfire Cape, Based on enemy team comp,

Build will be like this:

Summoner Spells On Jungle: Smite and Exhaust to Get easy gank kills cuz u have ur E + Redbuff + Exhaust

Masteries when jungling 10/11/9 Taking Armor Pen, Extra Health, and Move speed + Increase Neutral Buffs duration

Jungler Build: Boots + 3 Pots>> HoG and Philo Stone ASAP >> Spirit Visage >> Warmogs >> Sunfire Cape/Force of Nature

Upgrade Boots based on enemy team, usually i get Merc. if the game last long i upgrade my Philo in Shurelyas, and my HoG Randuins/Locket

Summoner Spells On Lane : Ghost and Exhaust/Heal Based on enemy team I take Ghost to initiate from and angle on Teamfights and usually i just run out of a bush and take by surprise the enemy team, if they want to stop me then they will waste valious CC or slows and atack me, if they ignore me and Run i will pick one with my q and let my team kill it, if they fight my job is done

Masteries on Lane 22/0/8 Taking Armor, HP, Move speed and increase gold on kills, on Utility taking more move speed

Lane Build: *Regrowth Pendant + 1 Pot>> HoG and Philo Stone ASAP >> Spirit Visage >> Warmogs >> Sunfire Cape/Force of Nature

My runes are Reds: Attack Speed, Yellows: Armor or Health/lvl, Blues: MR, Quints: Flat HP

You can try Armor pen to get More Damage on ur W but i like Attack speed