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Beginners guide to draft and Team comps

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Solid junglers include master yi? What?

Bro, you didnt need to quote his whole page.
no Mundo jungle?


But in all seriousness, this is a great guide bro. Ima post a couple links to some guides for the different positions here(Could only find guides for jungling and bot laners)

Jungler Guide (http://www.solomid.net/guides.php?g=47351-gudo-generic-build-guide)

Bot Lane: AD Carry Guide (http://www.solomid.net/guides.php?g=19081-chaox-generic-build-guide) and the Support Guide (http://www.solomid.net/guides.php?g=27033-evayr-generic-build-guide)

all guides courtesy of SoloMid.Net/\

Since i couldnt find guides specifically for top/mid ill just add a few tips of my own.

Top: Ward Dat Bush!!! Top lane is the MOST likely to get ganked early on, so don't push to hard and only trade if you'll come out ahead(dont attack unless you are sure you can do a reasonable amount more damage). If you can trade evenly against someone(i.e. you both would lose the same amount %wise of hp) don't trade, because you're practically begging to get ganked. Just farm and wait for your jungle to come in for a gank. Pueple tends to have the advantage gank-wise if Blue doesn't ward, because of bush placement in river, but Blue tends to have advantage in having easier access to warding the bush.

If the enemy out-ranges you: try to dodge their abilities because most(MOST not ALL) long range casters have skill-shots, not targeted, spells(i.e. Lux, Cass, karth). If they start to harass you, close in to harass right back. Since the longer ranged champs tend to be squishier, they usually retreat from close combat and will try to hit you from a distance while you're tangled up in minions.

If you out-range them: Poke HARD. Your long range skill-shots are going to hamper their farming and zone them out of gold and exp, giving you an advantage item wise. Be careful though as longer range champs tend to also be squishier, so if they start to close, back off.

And a tip for all positions/champs: NEVER STAND STILL!!! I can't stress this enough. Standing still is the worst thing you can do besides tower diving at lvl. 1. If you're stationary, then that means 2 things are happening(or more specifically, NOT happening)
  1. You're contributing NOTHING to your team. Stationary means actionless. Actionless means useless.
  2. You're a GIGANTIC TARGET. Standing still means you're easy to hit with spells/attacks, making it easier for the other team to score a kill.
Yes there are exceptions to this rule^ such as, if you're in a bush, it's not as big of a deal as long as they don't have it warded, or if your Teemo(passive makes you invisible when you stand still). but in general, try not to be caught hanging around in 1 spot.
Hope this was helpful guys!