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Critique my games, please.

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Thank you for the advice.

Positioning is a weak spot with me, yeah. My mindset in camping that bush is that if I'm in there, they're usually not. Harassing with AA is something I never really considered. I always figured my damage was too low to do anything noticeable and they'd just regen the slap my banana gives them right away. That's why I usually harass with my E when it looks like they're going in to harass me or my carry. Silencing them usually turns them around, or in some cases it even stops them cold for a moment before they realize they couldn't use their skill.

Their Olaf and Draven kill lane had me a little nervous to try and stand up with them for any length of time. I tend to lose games when the enemy team runs lanes like that instead of the ADC/Support lanes. Part of that is possibly due to my carry not taking advantage of the other team's split CSing. Not that I could do any better, I'm horrible at CSing.

Oh you know what, that brings up the second point, about warding.
You tend to drop your wards late. So, you know that it was a kill lane, and you know that Draven was hiding in the bushes, I would have taken the first opportunity to go and throw ward down in there.

I know it's difficult to harass a kill lane, but when you have that ward in place it lets you know that someone is missing which lets you harass more.

And yeah banana is sorta weak, but whatever. Damage is damage. If they're regening the damage dealt by your banana, then they're not regenerating the damage dealt by Ashe's harass.

BTW, your silence usage was pretty good, though I think you could be more aggressive about it though, but it was a kill lane against you so it could go either way.

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You're welcome

M3GaL0d0n, if you get Shurelya's and another item that offers 10% cdr (soul shroud or zeke's) you will reach 40% cdr from flat cdr glyphs and 2 flat cdr quints. This allows you to spec into the defensive tree instead of the offensive tree, which allows you to take more damage, keeping you alive and supporting for longer. Those defensive masteries have saved my butt a few times.
I was of course talking about flat cdr glyphs in my first post, my bad. You need a bunch of cdr, and you need it fast.

Imo Soraka requires a kind of unique rune page, which can be kinda troublesome. You can't use the same rune page for Sona and Soraka. Or... You can, but to get the ultimate best rune page, you can't.
**** pesky runes, haha.