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How about a lore-based tournament?

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Team Bandle City FTW..

Pres, still have yet to make my "all yordle team "

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Benadryl Jackson:
I mean, why else would Kayle and Morgana ever be on the same team? What about Urgot and Garen?

As discussed elsewhere a few times, there are elements in various champ profiles that declare the summoners Do actually barter for or persuade champs into service. Attempting to justify every element of the video game with storyline reasoning is all well and good, but really unnecessary and can even murder the depth of possible stories. There are just too many senseless pieces, like how many rounds are played daily. Nothing could ever remain important if those matches had any lore significance. Every problem in the world wouldve long since been solved on the thousands of clones of summoners rift (supposedly a single location) that are being played out simultaneously.

It is, at the end of the day, a video game. It has video game elements just to keep it fun and playable. Suggesting every one of them Has to be explained away is as senseless as suggesting every quest done in WoW by every player every time is totally canon. But if you Can find a good solid lore excuse for some element of the story, like how items are replicated, then cheers mate.

Anivia. "Seeing the imbalance and injustice on Runeterra, a world lacking elemental protectors, Anivia took residence at the League of Legends."

Old Morgana. "Morgana now fights in the League of Legends, but only with the goal of destroying her sister before returning home."

New Morgana+Kayle "Morgana traded servitude to a number of the summoners in Runeterra's League of Legends for powerful new abilities that, if mastered, threatened to bring Kayle and her people to their knees."
"[Kayle] approached the leader of the League, High Counselor Reginald Ashram, with a deal of her own. In exchange for a thousand years of Kayle's service, Ashram halted all League interference on Kayle's world

Malphite. "Today he hammers those who would seek to upset Valoran's movement towards order, especially those that wield chaotic magic."

Twitch. "Twitch has publically stated that his goal is to gain enough influence and materiel from his work in the League to try to recreate the process by which he gained his sentience."

All of this shows champions voluntarily serving the league to further their own goals. They serve the summoners calls and in return they are rewarded; their own causes are furthered.