I thought...

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"League of Legends is more aggressive – DotA includes many mechanics that incent defensive behavior. We want players to get right into the action, so we’ve made being more aggressive more rewarding such as increasing gold earned from Champion kills and assists. Top-level games often include 5v5 battles at level 1 with both sides competing for team objectives"

"League of Legends is more active – When you’re playing League of Legends, we want you to always have something to do. We’ve balanced the game around shorter ability cooldowns, and bigger mana pools, ensuring that you’re always able to do more than passive right clicking. This makes the game feel more active, and makes the average game shorter. Good players start using spells aggressively right at the beginning of the game."

Than I watched wcg last night.

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Yellow Jester

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so true

EDIT: One day i hope to field a sivir/alistar/mordekaiser/heimerdinger team with jungle taric and just completely dumbfound everyone.