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looking for janna advice

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Junior Member


i wanted to try her and i was looking for some advice on items?

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Chaotic Bliss

Senior Member


That depends on the Janna you want to play. She is the greatest Support Champ ever. She gives buffs, heals, is great at disabling, insane farming ability, and can do great dmg. Again this depends on how you build.

Click Here (http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/browse?champions%5B%5D=29&teamsize=&threshold=partial&range=&votes=0&sort_type=create_ts&sort_order=desc&page=1&keyword=&x=33&y=3). Here is a list of Janna builds.

Click Here (http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/take-your-breath-away-14386) for my personal build. I like AP, but on that list are other ways to build her.

Just remember this, Janna is Squishy. And though she is a great Support champ, if you draw too much attention, you will get focused. She is great at all forms support and helping the team, but she can only take so much focus. If you get her, find a friend and do some 1v1 with 2 bots for each of you. That will help you get use to her, but it with your friend playing, it will give that feeling of real game.

Im a proud Janna player, and I say if you can handle her squishiness, and are able master the skill shot of Howling Gale, you will have fun.