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Solo Queue Runing

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Wanted to see what you all thought.

I play a lot of solo queue. I try to be a team player and fill in the gaps the team is missing. So I'm usually the last one to lock in, but Ifrequently run into the problem that what the team needs is an AP caster, for example, but my rune pages are runed for my mains Ashe and Alistar. So I don't really have a good option.

So my question is, is it better to rune for a specific champion or to have pages that are general and versatile enough to switch between different types of characters?

I know the obvious answer is to buy rune pages, but I don't want to sink more money than I have to into the game, especially considering the uptime issues as the last few months, and 6300 IP isn't exactly easy to come by or worth the time when i could buy a champ or runes. So try to keep that in mind.