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good tanky characters (offtanky?)

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Well, if you like building defensive items...

Volibear. Building health increases the damage his W does.
Rammus. Building armor increases the damage his auto-attacks do and the damage his W reflects (and maybe something else).

For what it's worth, I'm not sure how great Rammus works out as a solo-top during laning phase, but he works out okay as a jungler. I've been thinking about trying him as support to be honest (since you typically see support/AD carry bot, and Rammus's armor would work out great against AD).

Galio is the MR version of Rammus, where the more MR you build, the more AP you get, thereby increasing the effectiveness of his abilities. I personally wasn't too fond of him, but he can definitely fill the bottom lane support role.

Jarvan IV is quite tanky, and can be played solo top, jungle, or support.

Olaf is a very good solotop.

Alistar is great jungler or bottom lane support. His headbutt and knock-up are super effective. He can certainly be a very scary presence.

Dr. Mundo is a viable pick for solotop or jungle. I don't think any of his skills directly scale from health, but he uses health to cast his abilities rather than mana, so there's certainly beneficial reason to build health items like Warmog's, besides just staying alive. His ult also helps keep him alive.

Mordekaiser is similar to Dr. Mundo in that he uses health rather than mana. I don't think I've seen him jungle, but I've seen him solotop (also occasionally mid). He can be tough to take down, though I think he typically benefits more from AP builds than tank builds.

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Try Volibear/Irelia/Garen/Udyr/Malp on Top, Naut/Shyv/Lee/Mundo on Jungle they can initiate/Disrupt and take hard punishment then walk/Dash Away