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Equinox - A Leona and Diana Story

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Rewriting in progess....



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Chapter 4 - What Needs to be Done

"Leona? You there, luv?"

The Radiant Dawn's eyelids fluttered. The bags under her eyes clear signs of how late she stayed up the previous night. She could swear someone was trying to talk to her, the voice sounded muffled to her ears.


She let out a groan. Leona slipped over to one side of the seat, nearly falling out of it before straightening herself. She blinked and stared at the open book before her, her fatigue blurring the words. She started writing on a parchment next to her, though to call it writing would insinuate one could understand what she wrote, when the voice called out to her again.


Leona snapped out of her trance-like state, and looked around, wide eyed bewilderment.

A woman wearing a large purple top hat affixed with a strange multi layered lens stared at her. A long rifle was strapped over her shoulder. The woman’s accent was distinct in her speech, and almost as colorful as the vivid violet dress she wore, "Are you awake there, luv?" She carried a confidence about her that only seasoned professionals in any field would.

Leona nodded, "Yes...I am..." She started to rub her eyes when she realized she was still wearing her gauntlet. She took off the golden gauntlet and rubbed her eyes. "Just haven't gotten much sleep lately."

The woman reached down and picked up a small cup off the table. She held it out to Leona, and commanded in a stern tone, "Drink this."

Leona took the cup, leaned forward and smelled the edge of the cup. She attempted to identify the scent in her slightly addled state. "...Coffee?"


"I do not drink coffee very oft-"

"One, it's good coffee, my blend. Two, we don't have the time for the pleasantry that is tea. We need you awake and ready sooner rather than later."

Leona nodded, lifting the steaming cup to her lips. "Thank you, Sheriff Caitlyn."

"How many times must I say it? You're not a lawbreaker, you don't have to call me sheriff. Besides, it's no trouble. Just respond when I try getting your attention next time, and we can call ourselves settled."

The Radiant Dawn groaned before taking a sip of coffee. "Was I really that dazed?"


"I'm sorry, Sh...Caitlyn. Truth be told, I’m surprised I woke up today."

The woman shrugged while replying. "Summoners can be quite persuasive."

"I slept through their mental calls. I was almost summoned in my nightwear, hence my surprise."

Caitlyn raised an eyebrow, "...It's two o'clock in the afternoon."

"I know. I am sorry, I just... have not been able to sleep very well lately."

Caitlyn sat on the table Leona was sitting at. She looked over at the book Leona had open and asked, with only the slightest hint of playfulness in her tone, "Is that a diary?"

"No. It is ancient Solari text."

"Then these are diaries?" Caitlyn pointed to the handful of books that rested on the table, situated to the left of Leona.

"Only the black leather bound one is."

The sheriff picked the diary up, turning it every which way, "So...why all the effort?"

"Do you know Diana?"

Caitlyn raised an eyebrow, mulling over the name. "Woman with long platinum blond hair, pale skin tone, armor that shimmers like the dark side of the moon, cold demeanor, introverted, an extremist and considered a heretic of the Solari faith. Why?"

"She...Wait. What?" Leona looked over at the sheriff, both of her eyebrows raised. "How do you know all of that?"

"I'm a detective first, Leona. It would be embarrassing any other way."

“Yes...well,” Leona tapped the paper in front of her. “I need to decipher the texts.”

“Decipher? Can’t you read them, I mean, you are a Solari, and unless there’s some ancient language you are unaware of...”

“Nothing like that.” Leona let out an annoyed sigh and threw her pen to the table. “There’s a code within these texts to find the temple of the Lunari.”

Caitlyn gave Leona a strange stare. It was a mixture of shock, disbelief, confusion, curiosity, and brainstorming all at once. She was unsure why the Sheriff was giving her such a look, and it started to unnerve her.

“...You are looking...in Ancient Solari texts, about a cult that was allegedly killed by them, to find the Lunari’s super secret hidden temple that apparently no one has been able to find in centuries, in or around a place that one could assume would be near Mount Targon, yes? I’m following you correctly so far? Have I missed anything?”

“No one except Diana have been able to decipher the clues. She said it’s in the texts, I don’t see the pattern which is the prob-.”

“And these texts are how old exactly?” Caitlyn rolled her fingers over one another as she tried deciphering this line of reasoning. “A decade, a century, two?”

“Roughly a millennium or two old. Why does that...matter...” Leona groaned upon her realization of Caitlyn’s questions, her head dropping to the table and with a loud thud. She raised her head back up, frustration evident in her tone. “You make me sound crazy when you put it that way. I’m not crazy, I assure you.”

“Not at all, luv, I would never fathom of calling you crazy. I would fathom of saying this, however: I’m on the case.”

“On the case? Wh-”

Caitlyn playfully tugged at Leona’s shoulder plate while saying, “Scoot scoot scoot, out of the chair, I’m taking a seat.” The sheriff coaxed the Avatar of the Sun out of her chair and took her own seat on it, staring at the documents. Caitlyn pointed at them, curiosity lit in her voice as she asked, “Are they written in any particular language?”

“Ancient Rakkor, it-”


Caitlyn reached behind her where a fanny pack hung off her belt. She unzipped it, and her deft fingers started to sort through its contents. From within the pack, she took out an oversized encyclopedia. Apparently her little fanny pack was enchanted to be able to store large number of objects. She slammed it onto the table, opened it and her fingers started to dance through it. “My ancient Rakkor is a bit rusty, but I don’t need to do direct translations. Let’s see, what have you tried?”

Leona stood there, stunned at the detective. How did she have a book on their language?

As though reading her mind, Caitlyn replied, “Pantheon made a bet once with me. He lost.”

“What was the bet?”

“Nothing I can tell you,” she added a wink to this statement. “It doesn’t really matter anyway. The fact is you need to tell me what you’ve done to try and decipher the texts so we can find alternate solutions.”

Leona shook her head. She placed her hand the cover of one of the books as she said, “I cannot let you do that, Caitlyn. I need to decipher it myself.”

“...Mhm. And why is that?”

“I owe it to her...I need to repeat her steps, to find the conclusion she came to.”

Caitlyn’s eyes narrowed as she regarded at the Avatar of the sun. “You want to understand her and her tribulations and so forth, which took her presumably years while deciphering these texts. Fine, fair enough. Do you have the time to do so?” The sheriff smoothed her hair back as she spoke. “I would normally agree with you that yes, one should endeavor to be self sufficient, but we both know you are. When you need the help, it is stupid to refuse a helpful hand. Now, would you like my help in at least a push in the right direction, or would you prefer the several years approach?”

Leona let out a guttural, defeated sigh and folded her arms over her chest. “I...Diana didn’t need...”

“You’re not her, and yes, she did need help.” The sheriff opened the journal, flipped through a few pages, and stopped at one. “Day two sixty three, they came for me again. This time I was ready. Following the techniques Leona taught me, I was able to-”

“Enough,” the avatar commanded. “What is the point?”

“The point, luv, is this.” Caitlyn closed the book and pointed at the cover. Stains littered the leather. “Do you know what these are stains of?”

“Not really, no.”

“I’m going to assume they’re water stains, with a salt content. Rather strange to find on Mount Targon, no?” Caitlyn’s top hat twitched as she reached up at its brim. She pulled down a complicated set of lenses, and started fiddling with it while staring at the cover. Within a few moments, she nodded and tapped at one of the stains. “Mhm, salt content. One could assume tears.” Caitlyn flipped the book open and started going page by page. “If you look carefully, there’s more water damage at the beginning of this journal, and then as it progresses, it becomes more prominent. When you’re introduced in her writing, it stops altogether. That’s also when her thoughts become more clear.”

Leona was stunned. “How...what? You haven’t even read the journal yet.”

“No need to, yet. Have you looked at her?” Caitlyn looked over at Leona, her voice very matter of fact. “No one becomes that way one day for no reason. Take it from me, I know that look.”

The sheriff tapped the table, slightly irked from the delays. “Enough with the questions: Yes, you can use my help and want it, or no, you want me to bugger off?”

“...I tried cross referencing every first word on every page of each tome. I gave up on the sixth.”

Caitlyn chuckled and shook her head, “Good heavens, a rookie mistake, but a good rookie mistake. You need to try and find the pattern first before delving into solving it. Do you have your notes on what else you tried?”

Leona reached over and grabbed one of the many tomes. She flipped it open and showed the pages upon pages of her own notes. “The most sense I can think of, is if the clues were related to astronomy in some way, a poem, something.” She flipped through the pages and tapped at one of them. “I thought I made some sense here, but...”

Caitlyn looked at the page, then read aloud what Leona wrote. “Ask not the [sky son - this makes no sense] sun why [s?]he sets, why [s?]she, blank, her light all[?], or why [s?]he hides h[er? his?] glowing[illuminating? bright?] gaze when day turns [leaf to river???].

The sheriff stared at the notes, then at Leona, then back at the paper. “This sounds like a poem.”

“That’s why I believe it to be the closest attempt I made. It has a similar introductory stanza to the Solari creed.” Leona’s tone changed as she started to softly sing a poem, "Ask not why the sun rises, why he bathes all in his light, why his glory shines on all, when all who gaze skyward know his might." Her voice shifted back to her familiar firm, yet gentle tone. "Yet knowing that...I still cannot decipher the pattern. I did a lot of guesswork, and tried several words that seemed more...sensible.”

“Is there something missing, Leona? Some notes?” Caitlyn drummed her fingers on the paper. “It seems odd that you have to do...so much research, really, now that I think about it. Why not skip to the end notes? I like a good mystery, but if time is of the essence...”

The Avatar of the Sun looked immediately downcast. She shook her head while replying, “I looked through them. I used what clues they did offer, but nothing concrete. I feel as though, as though there’s a book missing. As though she has another book, with only results, with only sense, with everything perfected.”

Caitlyn nodded and looked at the stanza with intense interest. She went completely silent and started to mull over the notes, her eyes hungering to decipher this code. When Leona attempted move the paper so she could see it better, the sheriff lightly slapped her hand away and continued silently analyzing the notes.

The silence was interrupted by a high pitched, scholarly voice. “What in the name of science is going on here?” A Yordle with an overly large head waddled over, his yellow mustache twitching with his thick pair of spectacles in quick rhythm. “You’re supposed to be helping Leona wake up, then going over the battle strategies for said match, not...not...What are you doing?”

“Reading,” Caitlyn replied, not bothering to look at the professor. “There’s a mystery afoot. I need to introduce myself to the base before addressing the body of the problem.”

Leona pointed at a line in the paper, muttering aloud, “And I implanted the word, ‘Sun’ here because-”

“You got it on your third try?”

“This is my fourth book of notes.”

“Bugger. You should have brought those as well. Alright, so you...”

They started murmuring to one another once more, completely ignoring Heimerdinger. The Yordle groaned and crossed his arms, indignation evident on his furry face. “Really? A mystery now? We have more important matters to attend to! What can be more important than this match?”

“Sh,” Caitlyn waved Heimerdinger off. “Breaking concentration.”

“The match needs to be concentrated on!” He looked over at Leona, obviously upset. “What is bothering you so much that you come in here, mumble a few words of greetings and pass out?”

“I am sorry, Professor. I have been having trouble sleeping,” the Radiant Dawn sighed. She knew once Heimerdinger was worked up, it would be hard to bring him back down. “I am trying to-”

“I heard what you’re trying to do. Frankly, I think this Diana woman is an idiot and really isn’t worth the time or effort you’re putting into her. And whatever you Solari did to her, is also quite dumb. With that said, shift your focus back to the match, please,” Heimerdinger huffed.

Upon hearing this, the Yordle felt a sudden feeling of dread, sweat started to drip off from his mustache as the heat in the room suddenly intensified. Leona looked over her shoulder, staring down at the Yordle, her hazel eyes blazing with anger. “Explain.”

Heimerdinger did not back away. He tried giving the same intense glare to Leona, which ultimately failed because of his thick spectacles. “She’s an idiot because she’s supposed to be a cavalier of the moon or something, yes?”


“And you’re the sun?”

“Yes,” Leona’s anger did not dim, her tone evident of her mood. “Your point?”

“That is why the Solari and this Diana woman are dumb. Do you not see the correlation between the sun and the moon? You might as well argue day and night are not cycles of a day.”

“The Sun and the Moon are the Sun and the Moon. The Moon is the harbinger of night and of cold, of death and of tranquility of said fate. The Sun is what gives us warmth, light and life,” Leona retorted. “That is the Solari teaching. That is what I was taught. The Moon is meant to be shunned, beca-”

The Yordle stared at Leona, silence falling upon them. He eventually spoke, “You must be joking, yes? You can’t really be that dumb, can you?”

Leona tilted her head to one side. A look of confusion crept across her features, overshadowing the fact that she was just insulted.

“...You are.” Heimerdinger slapped his forehead, which made his oversized head bob about comically. “Religions and their zealotus ways.” He let out an exasperated sigh, and before the insulted Avatar of the Sun could reply, he continued, “The Moon is the reflection of the Sun.”

“...Wh...” Leona blinked. She shook her head slowly. “No, it isn’t...?”

“Yes, it is. It literally is.” Heimerdinger looked around, his mustache twitching as he searched for something to write on. From his tool belt, he withdrew a piece of chalk and waddled over to the darkest wall. Heimerdinger started drawing on it, a series of globes with a small moon, and a ridiculously large circle for what he labeled as the sun. “The point of science, Leona, is not to quash ideas. Oh no, it’s the pursuit of truth! The truth of the matter is that the moon is the reflection of the sun at night, it cannot be seen otherwise without the sun!”

“So when the Moon is missing from the night sky, it has not hidden itself away?”

Heimerdinger laughed as he continued drawing up his diagrams. “No no, not at all! It’s always there, just like the sun is! As you see, the phases of the m-”

“Faces,” Leona corrected. “Faces of the Moon.”

Heimerdinger looked over at Leona, and shook his piece of chalk at her. “I’ll have you know, not to interrupt your professor when he is teaching! Basic etiquette! They’re called phases, dear! Phases, not faces! That is archaic!”

“Diana used to call them the faces of the moon.”

The Yordle let out a condescending grunt. “Oh yes, let’s believe someone who knows nothing about astronomy and not the descendent of a race who came onto Runeterra via a spacecraft, he probably knows nothing about star charts or-”

“Star charts?” Leona stared at Heimerdinger, things falling into place. “You mean, for constellations?”

“Well, yes, constellations are used to landmark the night sky-”

“And they don’t move, apparently. Right?” Leona pointed upwards, “Like the sun, and the moon?”

Heimerdinger’s chubby Yordle face grew redder. “Yessss, but you’re interrupting my lesson. Let me-

“Professor Heimerdinger, calm down,” a man’s voice interrupted. The clunk of boots, the swish of cloth and the bump of metal. Jayce stepped into view and looked at three of them. “Malphite is not in a talkative mood, and I thought you would all be settled by now for the match. Why are you talking about astronomy in the first place?”

“She didn’t know the moon was the reflection of the sun!”

Jayce blinked, looked over at Leona, then at Heimerdinger, then back to Leona. “Really? No offense intended, of course, but I just assumed...you are a smart woman, Leona. Very smart. How did you not know that?”

“Because religion can be stupid,” Heimerdinger snorted. This was met by a hard stare from Leona, which made him roll his eyes from behind his spectacles. However, he could see Caitlyn peek at him from the corner of her eye, staring at him, staring into his very soul. He could feel the icy grip of fear clutch his heart. She was giving him the, “I will give you Ziggs’ special sprinkles cupcake” look.

Leona snapped out of her fit and asked once more, “Professor Heimerdinger, please tell me, does that mean the stars do not move at night?”

“Of course not. We technically move since we spin around, but if you know the proper degrees, longitude and latitude and so forth, you can easily point at them and-”

Leona did not let him finish, a look of realization washed across her face. She stormed towards the lobby door. Heimerdinger jumped up and down angrily, chirping at her, “You’re not supposed to leave class! Where are you going?!”

“Getting more notes. I will be back in a few minutes.”

Caitlyn called out to Leona, “And bring some more scrap paper, please!”

Leona left the room, leaving Heimerdinger behind, who was aghast with the fact that someone walked out on his lesson. Jayce did his best to hold in his laughter at the sight of the Yordle’s tiny fury. Caitlyn’s face lit up like the face of a thousand suns with a sudden realization, her hand scribbling wildly over notes with a pencil as she muttered aloud to herself. All the while, the rock beast Malphite sat in the corner of the room, lost in its own thoughts and not really caring about the situation at hand.

Leona returned soon enough, the blue residual aura of Summoner’s teleportation magic wafting off her body. Her arms were full of rolled up charts and papers, along with more pencils and fresh, blank notebooks for Caitlyn to use. Heimerdinger tapped at the wall, annoyed. “Can we get back to the lesson at hand, now?”

“Here you are, Caitlyn. Star charts.”

Caitlyn looked at Leona, then at the papers, then at the notebook. A small grin elicited across her lips. “What makes you think this is a sensible idea?”

“The stars are stationary.”

Heimerdinger waved his hands about, “Hello? Leona? Lesson at hand?”

“Give her a moment, Professor,” Jayce whispered. “I think she’s realized something.

“And I’m looking in Ancient Solari texts,” Caitlyn reminded Leona. “Why would charts of the night sky help?”

“Why would looking in Ancient Solari texts for clues about the Lunari make any sort of sense in the first place?”

Caitlyn tapped the side of her head, her grin grew wider. “Now you’re thinking. Why indeed? Was it a Lunari that-”

“These texts are accessible only by the Elder Council or by the Solari. Diana was the daughter of one of the elders which is why she was granted access to them, along with my permission. They thought if she studied the texts long enough, she would give up her heretical beliefs,” Leona looked over at the tomes, thoughts clicking about in her head. “The fact that the Lunari were killed, wiped out, one could assume that they would not have gotten their hands on Solari texts too easily, and if they did, they would be scoured for all signs for their heretical writing. These are texts written by the Solari Avatar himself...” Leona stopped for a moment, then corrected herself. “Herself.”

“Himself?” Caitlyn motioned to Leona with a wave of her hand to keep talking. “Herself? What?”

“Basic Solari belief: The first Solari Avatar was a man. When he died, and the next Avatar was found, they deemed them, ‘Him’. That is why you will see some texts, or hear some Rakkor or Solari speak of the line of avatars as a single person, since it is thought to be his ‘spirit’ that inhabits their body. Since only the first could call down the Sun, every Solari avatar since has been dubbed his spiritual successor, his will continued, despite what appearance or gender they are.” Leona started to untie the strings that held the charts together and unfurling the paper. “We refer to their gender only so we know which incarnation of Avatar we speak of. There was only one other female, my predecessor. Once the heretics were removed, she laid herself to rest soon after since her work was finally done. She prophesied ‘his’ return would be when he was needed again, in a new body, but same spirit. The cycle of rebirth: no matter how long the night is, the sun always rises.”

Leona walked over to Caitlyn’s side and pointed at the Solari texts, “When the last Avatar came to be, she had written new excerpts into the Solari texts, about the heretics, and what must be done with them. How much was rewritten, how much was changed, removed, added, I do not know. No one does. Yet knowing that...” She hung her head and sighed. “That only brings up more questions. More uneasiness. More suspicion.”

Leona did not notice Heimerdinger at her side, looking at the charts. The Yordle poked at one of the papers with his chalk, “Is...who was this done by?”


“With what?” Even Leona could see his widening, amazed eyes through his thick spectacles. “What instruments did she have?”

Leona silently thought for a few moments before replying. “A telescope, a few rulers, a...a...” She snapped her fingers, trying to think of the word. “A sextant. That is all. Why?”

“These charts...” Tears could be seen streaming out from Heimerdinger’s spectacles, despite how implausible such a thing could be. “They’re impeccable! I think the University’s charts should be compared to these ones! She had the instruments equivalent to what a toddler would have, compared to our own, and she was able to do this? I take back my words, she’s a genius!”

Jayce chuckled at Heimerdinger’s outburst. He asked the Yordle, “So what about your lesson, Professor?”

“Sh, science is on the march!” Heimerdinger popped himself up next to Caitlyn. “Scoot over!”

Jayce shook his head and rolled his eyes. He walked over to the professor and sheriff then reached over to grab Heimerdinger’s piece of chalk. The Yordle did not acknowledge this and was far too engrossed with the papers in front of him. Jayce then walked back to the wall Heimerdinger was writing on. He tapped on its surface while asking, “Would you like me to explain to you the phases of the moon?”

Leona nodded, stopped, and a pained look came across her face. “Can...can you also explain how eclipses work? The Solari think it is the Moon blocking the Sun, and Diana once said that the Sun was crowning the Moon, my belief is a little different, but...”

“That is actually right, in a way. The Moon ‘blocking’ the Sun.” Jayce fixed his coat, and in his slightly haughty tone, he said, “I may not be an expert in the field, but astronomy is a hobby of mine. And I assure you, I’m less strict than the Revered Inventor.”

Heimerdinger was lost in the charts, Caitlyn was lost in the books and notes, Malphite dozed off in its corner while Jayce and Leona conversed.

It was three hours later when the Summoners for the match finally decided to check the lobby. Leona had assured them that she needed to get some essential items she forgot back on Mount Targon. After that, however, every time they tried summoning, four of the champions would refuse and ask for “a few more minutes, they were busy.”

The Summoners opened the door and saw Leona and Caitlyn huddled over a stack of papers, Heimerdinger with his own stack of charts and his own papers, copying and speaking excitedly to himself about numbers and equations while Jayce was...nowhere to be found.

“Where’s Jayce?” One of the robed men asked.

Malphite, in the corner of the room, rumbled as it shifted about and spoke. “He said he was going to the Institute’s library in order to retrieve some books, for the Radiant Dawn.”

“But the match-”

“It seems to be inconsequential at the moment,” the Monolith replied. “Try to break them from their trance.”

The Summoners saw the glint in Caitlyn’s eyes, the manic pace with which Heimerdinger worked with, and the content of Leona. Once they took a step forward, the three of them stared at the Summoners with a glare that could shatter mountains. They quickly turned around and left the room.


In the lobby of the Zaunite team, a half machine half man paced to and fro. On his back, a third arm jutted out from his dark blue trench coat, an iron mask bolted to his face which hid any sign of his annoyance. This gave his voice an additional deep, metallic accent on top of his normal one. “Vhen is this match going to start?” His third arm clicked and whirred in annoyance. “I could be literally doing anyting, anyting more productive than this!”

“Agreed,” was the bored reply from a heavily bandaged man.


Viktor threw all of his hands up in the air in complete frustration. Some Summoner was most likely going to get a death laser to the face for wasting his time.

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Grand Viper

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A wickedly curved blade rose in the air, the silvery metal glinting in the sunlight. With a solid swing, it slashed downwards and sliced apart the ivy foliage that was covering the temple’s column.

Diana was quietly cleaning and scraping off the moss and ivy that had grown on the Lunari temple over the years of disuse. She used the Lunari Avatar’s weapon to reach the heights she could not, despite the makeshift ladder she had created to aid her restoration efforts. She meticulously worked from the break of dawn, stopping only for the bare necessities, until night fell.

By the end of the day, Diana had managed to clean an additional two columns, only a few dozen remained. She wiped the sweat off her brow and picked up a silver colored book, the moonlight emanating from her body giving her the only illumination she needed. She flipped it open and danced her fingers across the pages, various rips and tears seen in the spine as though they were ripped out in a fit of anger.

She stopped at one page. Her eyes narrowed. The page was dated a few years ago. Her fingers traced along the first few lines of the entry. ‘She is sound asleep. She had me worried. The others do not know how to treat her, really. She was stubborn, telling them to go away, I knew better. She needed proper care. I...suppose I never thought about it, but she needed someone else for once. It feels...right, to be with her, even now. To be relied upon. She was coughing again, it looks like they were right, infection in her lungs from the mucus she spat up. She is keeping the medicine down, but she is shivering. Cold to the touch. It’s weird, alien even. I have never felt her be so cold. What do I do? What should I do? I-

Diana calmly tore the page out and crumpled it up. She threw it up to the sky, moonlight gathering on the palm of her hand. Instead of firing off the burst of lunar magic, the wind picked up and pushed the ball of paper out of her trajectory, sending it flying towards the small lake. Some of the melted snow from the mountain range trickled down here, creating this isolated body of water. Diana paid the piece of paper no more attention, and focused back on her book. She flipped through a few more pages, and reached at the back of the book. A small makeshift pocket held a pencil in place, which she withdrew and started to write with. The diagram of the temple’s front spanned over two pages in loving detail, and she marked the columns that she had finished today. Diana tapped the pencil on the paper, thinking of what her next project should be.

The flipping of more pages brought her to a diagram of an altar. It was drawn in multiple angles, a simple rectangular surface with the symbol of the Lunari affixed on its front, but something caught her eye. Diana walked into the deathly quiet temple, the light from the moon illuminating her path. Her footsteps echoed in its empty hallways.

Various relics decorated the interior of the temple. Some rested on stone podiums that were only recently dusted by Diana while others hung off the walls, but they all rested on the left and the right of the walking Lunari avatar, creating a straight line for a procession. Some artifacts ranged from robes and clothing that practitioners of the faithful once used, silvery robes with golden hems, to incense burners to ceremonial weaponry and armor of the Lunari’s own praetorian guard. Diana wondered why gold would dare be used in Lunari clothing, even gilded on the armor of the supposed Lunari hoplites, due to its typical association with the sun. She had to remind herself that the Lunari were tricked, destroyed by their own brethren, of course they would have remnants of the half that betrayed them. They were naive.

Diana walked until she was fifteen paces away from the altar she had drawn in her book. The marbled surface helped reflect the moon’s light while the emblem of the Lunari, a crescent moon with a full moon resting atop it, was firmly affixed on its front. Diana tapped the paper with her pencil, staring at the metal representation of her belief. Her eyes flicked to the paper, then to the altar, then back to the paper in quiet contemplation. She flipped to the next page and held up the next sketch to the altar, a perfect drawing of the lunar disk.

If someone paid some attention, they would see that said lunar disk had writing engraved on it. It was the Lunari creed. She read through the first stanza that read: “Ask not the sun why he sets,
why he shrouds his light away or why he hides his glowing gaze, when night turns crimson gold to grey.

She nodded, scratched in her book a bit, then held the page up in front of her. She decided to keep that first stanza after all. Her version was a bit more hamfisted than she liked, but the little adjustments would still be necessary. The drawing had a poem written on it, one she dubbed, “Daylight’s End.”

In the center of the disk, where the Lunari creed was supposed to be, her writing read:

Ask not the sun why she sets
Why she shrouds her light away
Or why she hides her glowing gaze
When night turns crimson gold to grey

For silent falls the guilty sun
As day to dark does turn
One simple truth she dare not speak:
Her light can only blind and burn

No mercy for the guilty
Bring down their lying sun
Blood so silver black by night
Upon their faces pale white

Diana nodded, tapped the page a few times, then turned around and walked away from the altar. She felt that she had finally completed a much needed update to the Lunari creed, although she could not help but feel that she was missing a final stanza. Maybe a spark of inspiration would help her think of one, but for now, this new creed would work in its place.

The next step would be to actually engrave this new creed onto the Lunari crest, which meant that she would have to smelt a new one. No matter, it was not such a difficult task for her. All the tools she needed were here in this temple, it would take time but it would be worth it in the end. Diana’s footsteps echoed throughout the empty temple with every step she took.

Never again would she be tricked, would she be fooled, never again would any of the Lunari fall for the lies of the Solari. With that said, perhaps she should try seeking Leona once more, at the League, to see if the Radiant Dawn had come to a conclusion yet. Regardless of Leona’s choice, the opinions, the paths her or others might take, Diana knew her own path. She knew what had to be done, and what the cost would be. Diana still had work to do, not only in regards to her restoration efforts but in the gathering of followers. It was time to find them and gather them. The sifting of the faithful and of the wicked had to be done, by her hand.

Diana slipped the pencil back into the pocket and made her way outside the temple. She seemed to float into the air with her jump, and disappeared in a beam of lunar energy.

She knew what needed to be done.


Author's Note: Sorry this took so long! I had many other projects to catch up on, and because of a lot of information, and Nami, I had to do a lot of reshuffling and rethinking of my plot. I'll try and make the updates more frequently, but I should be a bit more...on track, now. Nami really threw a wrench in the story, and though I will make mention of her, I have to say that I will not make Nami a central character, not for what I have in mind. The short version is for the story of Leona and Diana, I don't think she's needed and she seems really forced into their story. If you want me to give a more detailed explanation, just ask, or leave it in a review, and I will post my entire reasoning as to why I don't really want to make Nami so central to this plot.

Diana and Leona's story is a tragedy, it...won't be happy, to say the least. Nami wouldn't help that. Sorry for the long wait, hope you don't lynch me, and thank you all for reading! Oh! And before I forget, thank you KuzAnn for editing as always, and I don't know where I'd be without her!

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I love it! Completely worth the wait!!

Nami really threw a wrench in the story, and though I will make mention of her, I have to say that I will not make Nami a central character, not for what I have in mind. The short version is for the story of Leona and Diana, I don't think she's needed and she seems really forced into their story. If you want me to give a more detailed explanation, just ask, or leave it in a review, and I will post my entire reasoning as to why I don't really want to make Nami so central to this plot.

Could you explain please -- how is Nami related to Leona and Diana's lore, have I missed something entirely?

Edit: Went to the lore page and found your very extensive explanations! Guess I never connected moonstone with Diana xD

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Grand Viper:
Once they took a step forward, the three of them stared at the Summoners with a glare that could shatter mountains.

Best... line... ever... of all time.

Really enjoying your story. Looking forward to what happens next.

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Razor wiind



OMG That's so good! I HAD to print it to read on the way to my work (and while working too =3)

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I know that feel(i dont print it tough).