A Doctor's Lament (Fan-Fiction Character Bio)

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My name is Dr. Wilhelm.

Two years, thirteen days, six hours, fifty-two minutes and maybe thirty seconds.

I've been asleep for a long time.

Coma, or Comatose, more properly, as I've been told by the doctors and nurses. It was some time before I could understand what they were saying.

I'm not a Doctor of medicine, I'm a Psychologist. One of the best. Or at least I used to be.

I've been asleep for a long time.

I had a girlfriend, I'm pretty sure. It's all still pretty foggy. Maybe a child too? I don't know, maybe not. I think she worked with me on the Big Project.

What was the project? I'll need to think about that one for awhile. You've got to understand,

I've been asleep for a long time.

I'm a Psychologist, one of the best. Or at least I used to be.

I had a practice based out of Piltover. People there have deep pockets and a lot on their minds -- the perfect place for me. Paid the bills.

But it wasn't very satisfying.

One day, my girlfriend -- or was she a fiance? -- she told me that I should go to places that had real problems. Places that could actually use a good Doctor. Places like Zaun, where I started, where the second highest source of revenue is from psychological medication.

Medicine. It should only be called that if it helps.

You only fix a person if you get inside of them, put the machine back together -- not just ice it down until it acts up again.

Ice -- they had me in a Cryofreeze, Hextech Capsule, you know. I don't look a day older than when I went under, but I feel the years, even the ones that aren't there. Decades.

Oh, I miss her so much. I saw her on the news, the other day. Barely recognized her.

I went back to Zaun. Place is a mess, to a degree that even intimidated me. Guess I got used to easy cases with pay.

Day I arrived, a pregnant woman hung herself from the flagpole in front of the factory she'd worked at.

They hadn't granted her maternity leave.

I took the case straight away. Her family was in pieces, Father a drunk, Mother a druggy, Sister the only 'Normal' one.

She reminded me of my Girlfriend. Fiance?

No, she had been my Wife. I remember now. My Blue-Jay.

We met when I'd moved into Piltover. She was in a branch of Special Ops to a level that I still don't know of, only that she could have had me killed if our first date went badly.

It didn't.

I think I proposed after a year and change of dating. I'm not sure.

I've been asleep for a long time.

She paid for the wedding, because I didn't have much money those days. I was a nobody still.

She paid for the wedding, bought the house, bought a car just big enough for two.

I was so in love, but I felt lesser from it all. I wasn't pulling any of the weight.

So I studied hard, real hard. Started taking cases that nobody thought were doable until I'd made a name for myself, and cushy Piltover executives were ready to pay two hundred an hour to complain. I just wanted to take care of everything for her, let her slowly ease out of her job if she wanted. She'd done so much already.

But the Piltover cases ... Bored me. She suggested I go take tougher ones again, like the kind I started on, the ones that got me my name.

I think I told you this already.

My first case back in Zaun was a huge success. The Father quit drinking and the Mother stepped off her drugs. They became very religious, and opened up a little chapel to take in the sick and poisoned-minded, make up for the bad they'd done.

Three weeks later, someone broke in and shot them dead. All three.

Something is wrong with this city.

At the funeral, a big Zaunite executive came up to me. Said he was impressed with my work. Said he was sorry for the loss and that he had work for me. Said that all in a single sentence.

I didn't like him.

The job was a big one. The Big Project.

I took it, because it was supposed to pay me so much that I could leave the business forever. Get away from all the insanity in the world. He said it would cure the city, if all went well, that I'd be a hero. He said I could just go home and spend time with my Wife. Start a family.

I don't know how I was so tricked. I don't know how I ever was made to think that you could fix people any other way than one on one, personally.

I was a fool, and I've done a terrible thing.

The project was to create an organism that had complete mastery of it's and other's Psychology. Cognitive, Behavioral, Biological -- all of it. It would be able to simply pass through a person and understand them, reset any imbalances, put all the pieces back together. All within a few moments.

For that, I needed to map the full range of human thought and feelings with my own mind.

We started with the worst.




They showed me things I never wanted to see. Did things to me I never wanted done. Traumatized me in every way they could think of without letting it show on the outside, because we knew that Blue-Jay wouldn't want me doing this to myself.

I was told we'd move to the better emotions soon.

Blue-Jay, I did it all for you. I just wanted to be done so I could spend more time, more time with you.

He lied. We never got to the better emotions. They never planned on it.

I don't know how long they had me strapped down in that lab, screaming. The final test.

The thing was let inside of me, destroyed me, and built me all up again. It wouldn't leave me, and it couldn't be made to ease up. It was far too at home in it's birthplace, a mind so pocketed with anguish and abuse.

It was almost too late.

The lab door was blown open minutes before I would have lost myself, and they rushed in. The Piltover Special Ops.

The scientists and business man were all shot immediately. Didn't have time to even try and run.

She always was an amazing shot.

One of the Ops dropped their guns and shouted, and I felt a familiar pair of hands framing my face. There were tears that weren't mine running down my chin.

Blue-Jay. I'm so sorry. I'm going to fix all of this. Somehow.

They were all strong, good people. But they weren't ready for it.

The thing left me and shredded the minds of the others in the room, my Wife included.

Back Up came. The monster was gone. There were only two survivors in the long run.

I've been asleep for a long time.

She woke up years before me. Destroyed her room, and then the wing she had stayed at.

What's left of her Ops group tells me that this is all very classified. They are underground, for the time being. They got messed up real bad in the aftermath.

I saw her on the news, the other day. Barely recognized her. My Blue-Jay.

She doesn't remember who she was. I suspect that all that's left in her is endless training and skill with weapons. That's all she can do, so that's all she does now.

Destroying our home and playing cat and mouse with the police force.

Right now, I'm applying to join the League and get an audience with Officer's Vi and Caitlyn -- it's all supposed to be a secret, but there's something I can ask them. I'm sure of it.

I can't let them hurt her, or let her hurt any more people.

And there's that monster I've made too. It's in the league, waiting for us to destroy each other.

I worry it knows. It's been biding it's time, growing stronger, ready to face me again and finish the job. I can feel it, right now, consuming the sanity of those that crosses it's path, cutting them in two after it's job is done.

It's waiting for me, ready to take what's left and finish itself.

I looked over the notes from the lab again.

If it gets what's left in my head, it will be strong. Too strong to stop. Most Cities would become like Zaun.

Despite this, I can't stay away. I'd risk it all for her.

Please forgive me, whatever happens. I need to save her and save all of us.

My name is Dr. Wilhelm, and I've been asleep for a long time.

I've got a lot of catching up to do.

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This is really damn good. Really, really good.

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l Malkior l

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Great work. Fantastic narrative! Cheers~

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Master Fledgling



Working on an extended lore ...

In the mean time, please continue to comment and like! ^_^

Thank you all!


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Woah. This gets real deep real fast.

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Thank you! If there is more demand for this particular lore (Because it may well have been my personal favorite to write!) I shall make some more.


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Legacy of Xion



I like where this is going.

The plot thickens