Pieces of Subversion

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Salmon Roe

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I've always enjoyed remaking things as their opposites, I've never had a real reason to write these out, but before I knew it, I found myself fleshing these stories out in my head. So since they were being made anyways, I decided to just post them.

Karthus - The Reborn

As a young man living in Noxus, Karhus had seeing death was simply a part of life, and yet when he stumbled upon some unknown man lying in a gutter something about him made Karthus pause. Something about him led Karthus to send magic through his bones and in his heart, a curious attempt to prolong a life.

Karthus became obsessed with pain and death shortly afterwards, though not in the way others were. He believed that in studying death he could make advances in healing magic and studied tirelessly creating and improving undead, to better understand the human body. He brought this knowledge to the Rune Wars, buying time for the dying to be saved and easing the pain of those too far gone.

It was inevitable that he would leave for the Shadow Isles, where pain, death, and terror were celebrated as art forms, and suffering was hung on every corner. He did what he could for those who were trapped there but swiftly realized the problem lay in its people, and the situation called for more permanent measures.

Late one night, under the cover of darkness, Karthus acted.

The next morning, the residents of the Shadow Isles woke up in a most peculiar state. They were dead, and yet, not. They had retained their ability to reason, but in dying had forgotten who they once were. Confused, they explored their city, slowly unearthing their history. But they held no attachment to their past lives. This, combined with the words of an enthusiastic visionary who had taken the name Karthus, set out into the world, intent on starting new lives

Only Karthus' memory, magically contained within a crystal, remained intact. He headed to the League Of Legends, intent on using his fame to convince the world the Shadow Isles could, and did, change.