Game(s) you'll never forget.

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Xpecial Effects

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I have two.

The lulu game is from season 2.

The Zed game was just finished around 10 minutes ago.

Riot despite everything that I've gone through with this game or you raising RP prices or whatever people are currently complaining about I cannot thank you guys enough for producing this game that I love so much, not only has it provided hours of entertainment but has made memories of my friends from school and I pushing on their nexus at 70 minutes into the game cheering wildly. If any of you forum goers have similar stories on screenshots i'd love to see them

Edit: I was winging it on that zed build, didn't really have a reliable source and just went with what seemed like it would work, sorry to all the pro zed's in advance who will tell me I built him wrong D: