The Demon Assassin of Noxus

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This is my first fanfic ever so let me know what you think, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy it

Chapter 1
The moon hangs silently over the Granite City known as Noxus illuminating it with a soft pale light. The moon seemed to be observing the city, or rather the single figure traversing the slums of Noxus. The figure is completely covered in pitch black clothing from the black hood of his coat down to his mask, pants and boots, only his hazel eyes are left uncovered to endure the cold bite of winter. A line of uniformed silver daggers run down the figure’s arms. The figure moved as silently and as swiftly as a ghost that even the massive granite skull effigy in the center of the city would lose track of him if its sight was adverted for even a second. The occasional breeze would carry the foul stench of the moat that separates the slums from the inner city where the privileged and wealthy reside while everyone else are placed into the outer area of the city that makes up the slums.

The man stops in front of a bar tucked deep into the slums near the ruined ivory ward. The sign that hung out in the walkway was swinging even in the slightest gust of wind emitting a squeaking noise. The lamppost just outside of the bar flickers in random intervals. The man takes out a piece of parchment and quickly examines the writing on it before shoving it back into his coat pocket. The man pushes the doors of the bar open allowing a rush of cold air to enter the much warmer room.

The bar is completely devoid of life except for the bar keeper who looks to be in his mid to late forties resisting the urge to fall into sleep’s embrace. The bar keeper has an unkempt beard and a sea of grey hair. A wall of different colored liquor bottles stands behind the bar keeper. On the east wall is a projection of an ongoing match in the League of Legends, the crowd goes roars with cheers for a kill given to either team. The sound of the door closing brought the bar keeper to full attention in an instant. The man walks to the wooden counter and pulls up a chair.

The bar keeper straighten out his posture and speaks in a welcoming tone to the customer “Welcome to the Broken Flagon, what can I get for ya?”

The man sat there silently offering no response to the bar keeper.

The bar keeper trying to get a response from the man turns to the wall of bottles and begins pointing at random bottles “I have all kinds of liquor, a 10- year old ale from the Freljord, beer made by Gragas himself, and a local Noxian brew.” The bar keeper turns back to the man “anything you find appealing to your tastes?”

The man spoke to the bar keeper in a deep tone. “I’m not here for a drink; I heard you were the one to go to if I am looking for someone, Uther Alsher.”

The bar keeper cracked a smile and his voice is filled with pride “you heard right if you need to find someone I am your man, but it is going to cost you some coin.” Uther rubs his thumb against his middle and index finger.

The man spoke to Uther with intimidation pouring from his words “how about instead of coin, I allow you to live so you can see tomorrow?”

Uther lets a chuckle escape from his mouth at the man’s attempt at a threat “you are not the first person to threaten me nor will you be the last.” Uther leans on the counter and tells the man in an angry tone “now if you don’t have money, then get the hell out of my bar.”

The man’s right hand grabs a dagger from his left arm and impales it into the bar keeper’s hand. Uther could not move his hand without causing further injury. As a pool of blood began forming around Uther’s hand as he lets out a cry into the soulless bar “you son of a *****” tears begin welling up in his eyes but sheer will refuses them to go any further.

The man continues to hold the dagger in place in the bar keeper’s hand “I was never good at intimidation through words, I rather go with action.” The man has a sinister smile under his mask and continues “now about that information.”

The bar keeper speaks with venom in his voice “like hell I’m giving you anything.”
The man responded as if he knew those were the next words that would come out of his mouth “well that’s too bad, you see I can be, very persuasive.”

The man moves his free hand to his left eye and removes a lens, with a ring of dark hazel etched onto it, from his eye revealing a deep crimson color. The crimson eye is the trademark of Solice Razland but everyone only knows him as “The Demon Assassin”. The assassin is seen as a myth to some, and a threat to many. The mere mention of him can bring the noisiest room to a screeching silence. A rumor floating around Noxus is that as a child, he mercilessly slaughtered over a dozen men out of cold blood.

Fear gripped the bar keeper in a strangle hold and is frozen in place for several seconds. Uther could not get a word past his aging lips fearing that the wrong word would be the death of him. Uther spoke in a nervous tone to the assassin “so, who do you want to find?”

Solice scoffs that the man “I knew you would see it my way. You know what, How about we play a little game. The rules are simple, you tell me what I want to know and you leave relatively in one piece, if I don’t like your answer, well we are going to have some issues. Is that clear?”

The bar keeper nodes his head to Solice in agreement to avoid any further injury to himself.
Solice reaches into his pocket and pulls out a picture of an older man with a short brown beard. His face donned multiple scars from military service in the Noxian army. His eyes void of emotion from the brutal boot camp the Noxus military has put in place to combat their rivals, The Demacians. Solice slides the picture on the counter so Uther could see it. Solice asked “Have you seen this man?”

Uther looks over the picture for a few moments. Solice applied more pressure on to the dagger. Uther winces in response to the sharp pain running up from his hand. The bar keeper gives his answer trying to hold back the tears welling in his eyes. “Never seen that man in my life.”

Solice begins to slowly twist the dagger in Uther’s hand, causing more blood to leave Uther’s hand and let out a cry of pain while he uses his uninjured hand and slams it into the counter top with a bang echoing in the bar.

Solice shakes his head and makes a tisking noise from his mouth. “I thought you said you understood the rules.” His voice was full of disappointment at the bar keeper. Both men could feel the tendons in Uther’s hand begging to snap as the dagger twists. Solice stops the twisting motion of the dagger and speak with annoyed tone in his voice “let’s try this again.”

The bar keeper lifts his head to face Solice once more. Just as he made eye contact Uther is stunned by a cold sensation emanating from his neck. Solice had pulled another silvery dagger from its holster on his sleeve faster than Uther could blink an eye.

Solice asked the bar keeper “have you ever had your carotid artery severed?” Solice quickly answers his own question with a sadistic tone in his voice “of course not, I’m going to let you in on something though” Solice looks directly into the bar keeper’s eyes. Solice’s eyes showed no sign of mercy. Solice leans on the counter putting more weight on the dagger holding the bar keeper’s hand in place adversely causing more pain to shoot up the bar keeper’s hand.

Solice continues with his lesson “it is not a pleasant way to go. It is very painful and if cut right, very slow as you watch your life slip by right before your eyes.” Solice continues his interrogation of the bar keeper. Solice raises his voice to a near shout “So answer the question and it better be a damn good answer!”

The bar keeper’s face shone with fear. Uther could feel the bloodlust in Solice’s voice. Uther answers with a stutter “I… I have never seen that man in my life before.”

Uther saw his life slowly pass by his eyes pending his imminent death at the hands of a psychopath who does not like hearing what he does not want to hear. Many people threatened the bar keeper’s life but none has ever intimidated him like Solice have. Each second seemed to crawl by to him and the stare from Solice wasn’t helping to ease his uneasiness.

Solice finally moved the blade form his neck and back in to the empty slot on the arm of his coat. Solice left the dagger in the bar keeper’s hand in place. Solice spoke to the bar keeper “very well then, sorry for the inconvenience.” Solice but the lens back on his eye as if it had never moved from its spot. He spins of the seat of the stool and began walking to the door.

The sight of the assassin leaving and letting him live, allowed a rush of relief to flow through Uther. For a second Uther forgot that the dagger remained impaled in his hand. Solice moved a hand to his chin but did not face the bar keeper “maybe your daughter knows of his whereabouts, Elsa was it? Maybe I’ll pay her a visit and see what she knows.”

Fear washed over the bar keeper in a great wave after hearing his daughter’s name come from the assassin’s lips. The thought of his precious young daughter being put through only a quarter of what he had endured made his heart drop to the floor at break neck speed. Before the assassin could leave the bar, Uther stoped him in his tracks with his words. Uther spoke in a defeated tone “alright you win.” Uther grabs a piece of paper and a pencil from under the counter with his uninjured hand and began scribbling an address on it. “He lives at this address in the western side of the city. Now please leave my daughter out of this.”

Solice walks back to the counter and grabs the paper reads it over for a second, then folds it up into the pocket of his coat. “You have a deal.” Solice rips the dagger from the bar keeper’s hand allowing further blood to pour on to the counter. The bar keeper cries out once more and grasps his hand and holds it against his chest. His blood began covering his shirt with a dark red color. Solice looked at Uther with a dagger like gaze that could cut through the hardest steel. “if he is not there, you can expect a house call from me, and I will not be lenient again.”

A faint red glow begins to crawl from the lens covering his crimson eye. In an instant the shadows of the bar turned into pitch black spikes that suddenly surrounded Uther’s neck. Any closer and the spikes would have certainly killed him on the spot. The assassin asks the bar keeper in a serious tone “Do I make myself clear?”

Uther had heard the rumors of the assassin having some kind of abilities but he could never imagine anything like what he just witnessed. Uther’s face is etched with fear leaving it face void of any color that was previously there. Uther lets out a stuttered response to the assassin “Cr-Cr-crystal”

Solice responds without looking at him “good.” With that the red glow fades away and the spikes recede back into their original forms as Solice left the bar under the cover of the night.