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LoL Puns. Post Em'!

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Fearless Diglett

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Doctor Killsteal:
Kayle yourself.Go Diana hole.This thread isnt really Nasus ary.

We Kennen this right now.

But on the other hand, I asked my girlfriend and she said Shyvana keep on making up LoL puns.
She thinks they're a Riot.
I swear, she has a Renekton of them.

Speaking of my girl, she's more of just a friend. Our parents just tried to Rammus together.
(She's a Phreak sometimes though, if you know what i mean)
But i still Twitch when i think of her in Amumu.

Enough of her though. that was irrEvelynnt.

I accidentally Draven to an old lady crossing the street today. But killing is a BIG Nunu, so THERE's some bad Karma for you. I was scared so i took the body to a river ( I didn't want her to Ryze from the dead)
I managed to get away with it though, so at least my efforts weren't in Vayne.

alright, this is getting Downright Darius, so im gonna leave. (Your leaver status has risen to 1. )

How does this only have 3 upvotes?

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Maybe one everyone has heard but, an enemy has been Swain. He sent him to his Graves. But it can't be Ezreal. Can't they Ryze from the Graves? Nunu because that would be cheating. But it doesn't matter because his Teemo will avenge him. There are Olaf of them, but Viktor-y isn't Garen-teed. The rest might as well Diana hole. But the Lux of the team fight aren't bad. I Renekton that they might even win the 4v5.

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The enemy AD carRyze have been Swain, now is Ahriily good time to Kayle the inHeimerdinger beFiora their Teemo respawns.

Udyr god, why did you Nautilus that they were MIA? I got Gangplanked and my dive was in Vayne. I think he's Sivirly fed, we will not be the Viktors. SurRengar at 20.