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Orianna Ball Speed Question.

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Mystical Mittens

Junior Member


I have looked far and wide and I have yet to find an answer to my question.
Is the speed on Orianna's Q faster than the speed on her E?
Are they the same?
Thanks for the help.

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Q is slow. E is...almost instant. Not quite, but E is a LOT faster than Q. It's not hugely noticeable a lot of the time, unless your ball is still deployed, quite far away from you (almost at the limits of your leash range). If you E yourself, it would be on you almost immediately. If you Q near to you, it would take its time. You could probably take a short tour of Summoner's Rift in the time it takes to leash back to you.

That's an overstatement. It's not that slow. It's just nowhere near as fast as E. E is practically an instant ball-return to you, with a shield for you and some damage for everything in your way.