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Any idea for a GP5 champ?

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Master David

Junior Member


Hello dear fellow summoners,

i have a question regarding champions that get gp5 items and the items in general:

is there any champion that you would recommend to get all or at least a few gp5 items with and wait until you got some money?
i thought about alistar and in general supports. i mean alistar can be played tank, ad, support and ive even seen full ap alistar a few times too.

is it a good idea to try that on alistar? or maybe blitz? or just supports in general?

greetings david

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In general, supports usually grab at least one or two GP10. Usually a Philosopher Stone and a Heart of Gold. Sometimes when the support is quite ahead, they might even grab a third GP10 such as Kage's Lucky Pick.

Other than supports some junglers grab these GP10s as well. Well most junglers grab Heart of Gold and other junglers such as Nunu might grab a Philosopher Stone as well.