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Diana queen of 3s?

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I start boots 3 then get a dorans ring maybe 2 if I'm not already wrecking top lane then rush RoA and a nashors tooth. The atk spd ap and cdr makes it awesome on her. And then grab a rylais if ur being focused death cap if not. Then counter build ur enemy. GA is awesome for her 6th. I go merc treads after I get my catalyst

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My Desired Name

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So I just had a game where it was:

Sivir (me)



I completely shut down Jax top lane for about 15-20 minutes yet he was able to come back late game without barely any farm. Other than that it was pretty even bot lane, but later in the game they were able to win every teamfight because of Diana's AoE pull and Jax's dodge which made it impossible to kill him, so we ended up losing. Amumu said he missed his ult due to lag otherwise we probably would've won, and I was getting some massive lag too so I believe him. I don't think this loss should count, I'm pretty sure we would've won if it didn't lag for us so much.