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Diana jungle build?

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I was building Revolver, Sheen-> Lichbane, Rylais, Abyssal, Frozen Heart. Did well a few games, did ****ty a few others.

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Honestly. A few games down, all wins, all (at least partially) Dianna carries.
(get boots early if you die or something goes wrong)
Dagger -> Dagger -> Amplifying Tome -> Malady -> Sorc Shoes -> Ruby Crystal -> Haunting Guise -> Blasting Wand -> Abyssal.

Final two items are your personal choice, i've been liking Madred's Bloodrazor (with the mr reduction/mpen you have, you should be getting bonus magic damage on your target, due to negative resistances, good for diana, and good for madred's on hit)

Zhonya's is good for teams with strong ad, the armor and active can help a lot (dianas W still damages while in stasis, and her cd's are short enough that 2seconds of extra time could change a fight)

Rylais is good for a bit of extra cc and beef.

^any of these 3 are good picks for your last item slot, with a void staff being a must have if your enemy stacks MR against you* (even though you have high mpen, your ap is on the lower side, your damage comes from overcoming the enemy teams mr and taking it into the negative, so if they get more than 70 mr grab a void staff before your last item)