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Assorted Speculation

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So there's a lot of mysteries in the lore. That's why it's time to start making guesses and hope something hits true!

My two cents:
Vladimir's clothes are made of blood.


When Vlad pools or dies, he doesn't leave anything behind. He just turns into a pool of blood. Thus, his clothes are made of blood like he is and turns into blood whenever he turns into a pool or dies. The white parts are just concentrated white blood cells. So yes, Vladimir's clothes is made of blood!(and by extension, people)

So he has to make an effort to keep his clothes intact, taking away effort that could be spent on killing people, thus weakening him.

Which brings me to my other theory: if Vladimir was to ever battle naked, his power would increase by a massive amount.

Streaker Vladimir skin anyone?

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Someone been playing a bit too much Bayonetta, me thinks?