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League of Legends: The Fall of the League, As Foretold by Necromonger (reposted)

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Kappa Phi Lambda

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Thank. You.

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O.o no words can describe this... this literally made me want to go buy mordekaiser just to be epic like this

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Disclaimer: please do not think reading this will make your mordekaiser game better. If anything, it may make you more prone to soloing their team, resulting in your (and maybe one enemy's) horrible death.

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Disclaimer: please do not think reading this will make your mordekaiser game better. If anything, it may make you more prone to soloing their team, resulting in your (and maybe one enemy's) horrible death.

Mordekaiser Syndrome. Sometimes when I play another champion than him, I may tend to 3v1 them. Or when I'm stuck in a hopeless fight I think:"Oh, I wish I was Mordekaiser.."

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Where is Fiddlesticks in this? Evil, and yet not tethered to the void in any way

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Cat Eyed Liar

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I love this story! But I need to ask of one thing.

Shen x Akali pls XD

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This story is epic. But idk, I liked the old mysterious Mordekaiser better, so evil and stuff :>

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honestly, I'm taking some inspiration from Spawn, Kratos, and maybe a little Ichigo... no one's born evil, there's always something that turns people onto that road. I do plan to have him do something bad ass, anyway.

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Epic, epic and again EPIC!!!!! oh and did i forget to mention that this is EPIC ?! Riot should hire you to make a book for them, You are really good at that!!

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Act II scene iii - Hero's Fall

"Mom! Dad! Come with me!"

"I'm sorry Annie, but we have to fight this monster! we can't let it continue its rampage..."


A fash of light, followed by the pain of a body broken by jagged rocks. Annie recalls a large, shadowy yet warm figure carrying her from the deep pit. It looked at her with glowing red eyes...

* * *

Annie's eyes flutter open from the nightmarish memory, embracing her bear, Tibbers. the creature was warmer than usual, comforting to a mage that regularly walks in flame. Ashe was there with a platter of bacon, eggs and a loaf of bread. Singed's base of research, a small clearing besides a sheltered cave, was particularly well stocked. The other champions and yordle crew were breaking fast as well. The rain had finally
stopped, but the sky was as dark and gray as ever. They had difficulty remembering the last warm sunrise.

Just as Annie thanked Ashe with a smile, the tall figure of the mutated Singed walked over to the fire prodigy. He was holding an bowl of strange liquid. "My soup is cold." he said with a mockingly sad voice.

"So?" Annie was highly irritated to see Singed upon awakening. He waved his bowl in front of her, and she complied in irritation- the water quickly reaches boiling point, then explodes, the scalding liquid falling onto Singed's arm. He threw the bowl over his shoulder into the fire, and walked away. "Bah. What a waste. We are moving out in a few minutes, so I suggest you gather yourself." he said.

Annie finished her food, washed up and put on the noxian battle-mage's dress. Ashe was imbuing her arrows with cold tips, while the ninjas seemed perpetually ready. Heimerdinger had improvised several toxin-filled coconut grenades and wooden rockets filled with Singed's adhesive. Yi was walking with Illurien; he seemed better now, and carried his blade with confidence.

"Well then, follow me..." Singed blazed a trail by spraying herbicide wherever he went. Plants withered and died, and he kicked these aside. The trail was fairly easier for those that followed, though they stayed away from stray puddles of the plant-killing substance. The Kumungu was eerily silent, and Yi noted this. The animals, the birds, the insects were not there- an unsettling sensation. Singed occasionally stopped to inspect the specimens, but was met with dissappointment each time.

The three ninjas did not join the march, opting instead to scout ahead and at the flanks. They suddenly reappeared to the group, and warned them of combat.

"We've encountered a large group of infected wildlife a small distance from here. They seem to be attacking-" Akali started, when the tremors began. She maintained her balance, even as it was sudden and strong- most of the marchers were nearly knocked down.

"Earthquake?" Illurien asked Yi, who was holding her up. It was an unusual earthquake, as it was made of strong, consecutive pulses instead of general shaking. The Wuju bladesman knew exactly where and what the epicenter of this phenomenon is.

"No. A very angry Armordillo."

Sept 15, 2010 Update

In an open plain in the driving rain, a battle of epic proportions was taking place. Two Noxian regiments, corrupted by Cho'gath's influence, was amassing on the far side of the plain. various terrestrial and arboreal creatures, also mutated, were assaulting The unmistakable Rammus- and he was not alone. Alongside him the great minotaur Alistair was going head to head with a pack of twisted jungle cats; they clawed and raked at his body, but his indomitable will allowed him to ignore his wounds. Rammus Assumed a defensive stance, the blows of predatory birds and frenzied bears finding no east target.

That was when they emerged from the near jungle- A combined fighting force; Barbarians and Lockfarin warriors charging in loose formation, their furies unleashed on the wild battlefield. Their great swords and axes swung wildly, dispatching the corrupt beasts. Ashe's sharp eyes recognized the ones leading the charge... Tryndamere, Olaf and Gragas. These champions left shortly after the dissolution of the League.

Tryndamere had with Ashe returned to Frejlord, but they could do little as the very land transformed into a nightmarish volcanic landscape, instantly driving them into the sea towards the Shadow Isles... Olaf had contracted Gangplank to bring him home to Lockfar. Now he returns with a great host of his people.

And Gragas... well, Gragas always seemed to be where trouble was.

The barbarians and vikings reveled in the bloodshed, and they loudly taunted and cursed the inhuman Noxians. In apparent response to this, they committed a company of troops to a disorganized charge.

As the enemy met the fury of hundreds of berserk warriors, Another player emerges to join the battle- a column of Stanpar warriors, numbering around 300, marched in close phalanx formation to cut off the attackers. In short order, the barbarians pushed them against the hungry spears of the Stanparii in a pincer movement. As the barbarians suffered no casualties and reaped skulls, they exulted in the bloodshed.

The Stanparii, dressed in their red cloaks and armor, simply shifted their attention, shields and spears forward in precise, disciplined movements under the command of another resigned League champion, Pantheon. With their close formation, they slowly advanced, to meet the rest of the regiment. The barbarians charged first though, eager for more battle; their champions leading them, they would fear no enemy.

The clang and clamor of mass battle rang through the jungle, a sight to behold to Yi's group.

"What... why are they here?" Ashe asked no one in particular, Seeing her king after parting at the Isles.

"Fighting, obviously." Singed remarked sarcarstically.

"But why are they fighting?" Master Yi added another question that could not be answered.

"You're asking the wrong people, imbeciles. Let's investigate; I too find my curiosity... shaken." Singed moved towards the general area where the warriors first emerged- perhaps the main camp of these fighters was there with answers.

The battle became prolonged, then as the Stanparii committed, a heavy cavalry company emerged from the forests, carrying corrupted Noxian horsemen... With flails and maces, they sought to catch the phalanx in the flanks, but at this instance the final group emerged near the battle- a Demacian war battalion, led by the most prominent figure of that fallen Nation, Garen. Those wielding long pikes were the first to meet the mounted threat, quickly bringing them down.

Garen's battlecry rang truest and loudest of them all, striking hesitation in all enemies who beheld him.

"For Katarina, For the Alliance, and FOR DEMACIAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Sept 17, 2010 update.

As the Demacian spears pierced equine flesh, Garen charged with unbelievable speed and fury, killing the first horsemen with a boot to the face. He swung his sword in great arcs left and right, cleaving indiscriminately.

Not to be outdone, Tryndamere, Olaf and Gragas fought as furiously; with little doubt, the enemy was routed. the inhumane Noxians abandoned the field, and the assembled warriors cheered. They did not pursue, instead opting to gather themselves. Though a few casualties were had, overall the fighting force was still strong.

Meanwhile, Singed's group emerged into a narrow clearing of tents flying mutiple colors- Demacia, Lockfar, Frejlord barbarians, and even a small camp from Zaun and Noxus. Rear guards patrolled the camp, while supply wagons were distributing food, water and medicine. The command tent was clear for all to see, and they began heading there. One of the camp guards saw them, a young man, likely never seen battle before.

"Champions! Halt! This camp is restricted..." The young soldier said nervously, realizing quickly he could not do anything against such powerful individuals.

"Out of the way, Demacian meat-sack. We'll be speaking with your commander." Singed kept walking, pushing the soldier aside.

"Sorry, but..." A tribal spear suddenly found itself lodged in front of Singed and the guard. The inexperienced warrior fell on his back, while Singed did not flinch. A beautiful, statesque woman in a revealing fur outfit came over, and pulled the spear out of the ground.

"Get back to your patrol, boy. I will handle this." She said with a sultry accent.

"Nidalee. I supposed such a large group of city-dwellers would have required a guide in Kumungu." Singed identified the woman easily, and she was not so pleased to see the chemist. She looked at the rest of the group and was more pleased to see fellow women.

"What are you doing here, and with such numbers?" She asked of the former champions.

"We would ask the same. What's Garen doing leading a fighting force nearer and nearer Icatha? It was supposed to be impossible." Kassadin was first to remark.

"You are mistaken. Years ago, Ezrael and myself were able to make it to the outskirts of that forgotten place... we barely survived the experience. Garen knew of this, and marched his army blind into the Kumungu." Nidalee responded, showing a burn mark on her forearm.

"To what end?" Ashe continued the inquiry.

"What he claims is impossible beyond a doubt- He wants to take back the whole Continent in one doomed assault against whatever emerged from Icatha. He doesn't even know what lurks there. Come. It is not safe to tarry in the jungle too long. The soldiers will be returning, and we will camp for the day."

"Camp? How often have you been attacked? What of the Terror-wings and Stalker beasts that roam at night?" Heimerdinger asked of security.

"Strange, really. We yet to encounter an evening ambush. It makes me uneasy." Nidalee led the champions to the command tent as Garen arrived to acknowledge the new arrivals.


Nidalee transformed herself into her predatory feline form, and led Illurien, Kassadin, Master Yi and Annie up the difficult mountain path to where Angel Tears were said to grow. While Singed proposed using a sample of the creature's flesh as a basis for a cure, Nidalee offered an alternative in the form of this potent herb. The chemist left by himself to pursue his own theory.

The triumvirate had opted to support Garen's ambitious attack, as this was their original mission. Heimerdinger and Corki, along with the surviving crew volunteered to add firepower to Garen's forces. Ashe stayed as well, to be with Tryndamere in battle again.

Annie was having difficulty exerting herself climbing the mountain; The Voidwalker simply phased through difficult terrain, while Illurien's fluid body did not know weariness. Yi began conversation as Annie was breathing heavily.

"Garen was incredibly reserved and harsh earlier... there must be another reason for the offensive, don't you think?" Annie was having a hard time replying, though.

Nidalee stopped on a small, level surface on the trail to let Annie rest against an appropriately shaped tree. She promptly returned to her human form to answer. "Yes... katarina."

"Wait, wait... are you telling me Garen is doing this for her? why? He's had five years to take back Noxus, which would be much easier..." Annie was gasping as she spoke, highly interested in the matter at hand.

"I suppose you didn't hear the news from the Isles." Nidalee continued.

"We... have not had communication from there in a while." Illurien confirmed as she brought Annie a water jug, the young fire mage eagerly drinking deeply. Annie hugged Illurien in thanks.

"Katarina is to wed The Necromancer King, at the behest of her father and the High Command. Garen is here attempting to break off the Isles-Noxian union... and Katarina is delaying the date as much as she can." The intruiging news catches everyone's ears. Even the stoic Kassadin turned his head.

"Well That's incredibly .... lame. Why not just attempt a coup?" Annie suddenly regained her energy and attitude.

"Five thousand Demacians migrated to the main Isles before Garen ordered a no travel order. He will not sacrifice the lives of so many just for Katarina's sake..." Nidalee climbed up a tree, found a good branch and began carving a climbing aid for Annie.

"But why face the source itself? I cannot see this end in anything but disaster." Kassadin's instinctively assumed the worst, after having seen many of the horrors they've faced himself.

"Ever heard of Garen's motto, to kill an enemy you cut through the one next to him? If he can prove himself stronger than the Necromancer King, then by Noxian standards he is the ideal ally."

"I will never understand Demacian thinking." Master Yi covered his face with his hand, in disbelief.

"Kat is doing this for her people as well. The High command- or the surviving commanders, are totally under the Island King's thumb. How he managed to subdue Darkwill is beyond our understanding, honestly." Nidalee transformed into a feline, and continued along.

"I'm beginning to think this story of ours makes no sense at all." Illurien remarked with a smile to Yi, who nodded in agreement. Annie complained a bit of needing more time to rest, but as the sun was already nearing the horizon, she picked up the pace.