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Ranked Help

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Mr Coke

Junior Member



I am currently a 1253 ELO summoner with a 4/2 record this season in ranked. Its my first ranked season and I am new to this game. I currently carry Malzahar Runes and AD Carry runes, but often I don't get the Solo Mid or the ADC position during a ranked solo match. As a result, being that Malzahar is my favourite champ, I wish to sacrafice my 2nd rune page (AD Carry) for something else.

My favourite choice would be rammus, just wondering what everyone's suggestions were.

Fortitude Mark
Reselience Seal
Warding Glyph
Fortitude Quint

Should I;

1. Get runes for rammus
2. Get another rune page, and then runes for rammus
3. Get runes for another champion

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Senior Member


You should use these.

Armor Pen Marks
Attack Damage Quints
Armor Seals
Magic Resist Per Level Glyphs

They work for ADC and for most jungles.

My best advice is to do one of two things.

1. If you want to continue to have really specific rune pages, buy more. For sure, one of the biggest changes in my gameplay was when i bought the rune page pack. Makes you so much more versatile.

2. Experiment with really generic rune pages so you can play multiple Roles on 2 rune pages.

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if you wanna play ranked seriously i suggest getting at least 4 rune pages; one for each general type like ad offense, AP mid, support, and tank. And also practice playing and getting better with other roles because everyone has a favorite but wont be able to choose what they want all the time and sometimes it would be you who has to fill the remaining unwanted role, and to do it well.

So my suggestion is;
Save up for an additional 2 rune pages
Save for runes for the roles you lack
Use champs you favor under different roles and at least 2 of each, and win with them to earn the IP for those rune pages.

Personally my favorite type of champ is ad carry and i always try to call the role first so i can play with them, but i know i wont get them sometimes. So right now im learning Udyr and Shyv for junglers, Karth and Swain for ap mid, taric and janna for support and kayle for top. I also have 1 rune page for ad melee tank, one for ad carry, one for ap and one for support and will probably get another for a more specific variety.