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help VARUS build

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Junior Member


im still new to the game and especially AD ive got varus and seem to do decent with him wondering how i should build him in order plz and without using "ie" "ad" n all that cuz ive got no idea what it means
any tips for varus would be appreciated

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so first of all

ie = Infinity Edge
ad = Attack Damage

This is my general build order

1.Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions
2. 2x Doran Blades
3. Upgrade Boots to Berserker Greaves
5. Bloodthirster
6. Phantom Dancer
7. Infinity Edge
8. Last Whisper
9. Guardian Angel

This works very well on most Attack Damage Carries including Varus.

Oh, and you can start selling the Doran Blades whenever you have to, so you can make room for the better items.

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partially agree with Fatkid55

I prefer last whisper more than IE (infinity edge) on Varus
because Varus isn't depend on crit but his skills
so I would not get IE on Varus and get last whisper right after getting Phantom Dancer

also about Dorans
if you are doing really good and win your lane very hard
I would skip directly to buy a BF sword and a vampiric scepter
or get zeal for extra movement speed and AS (attack speed)

yesterday there was a post I replied to about Varus build,
I have a longer and more detailed explanation on ADC build and classification
try to look for it

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I've also just started learning him and so far I've found that as/on hit builds are great on him, if you can survive to mid late game, early game you will be cannon fodder and be doing a lot of turrent camping

EDIT: as = attack speed and "on hit" refers to items like malay, wits end, "triforce", ect...