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Looking for help with a Cho'gath jungle build

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Hey, pretty much because of the whole "Freaking awesome terminator cho'gath skin of death" I figured I would try him out in the jungle, however I'm trying to work on a build that would be good for him so I'll post it here and see what people think.

Please be constructive, I don't mind you tearing my build apart, but I'd really like to know the why's as I'm posting this to try and learn the champion better.


Marks: - 9 Flat Attack Speed

Seals - 9 Flat Armor

Glyphs - 9 Scaling Magic Resists

Quints - Either 3 MS, 3 GP/5, or 3 Flat AP - This is something I'll need help with.


I take the marks because I'm jungling with Cho'gath and taking Vorpal Spikes first, I'm also keeping the focus on Vorpal Spikes to make jungling fast and free mana wise. So flat AS would work the best with this approach.

Flat armor needs no explanation

I take the scaling magic resists because this build also focuses on being a tank/initiator late game, just seems like the best alternative.

Quints I'm having trouble deciding. I always like MS quints and with my masteries I've also got Initiator and Swiftness so they'll add up together, however with those two aforementioned masteries, I might be able to get by without MS.

The GP/5 would be so I could get closer to my final build. My build is fairly expensive for a jungler (11,235 Gold for everything, not counting wards) and it would synergize with the Heart of Gold I would be building.

The AP would be for (Possible) Faster clearing times with Vorpal Spikes/Abilities, maybe I'll just take AS or AD. Honestly I'm looking more at GP/5 or MS.


I go 0/21/9 - Seems standard for a tank.

Going for Swiftness and the 10% reduction on death timer in utility.

Not taking the scaling CDR in Defense

I might instead go 9/12/9 because Stonewall008 had it like that, though I'm not sure exactly where he put those points.

Item Build:

This is where it gets possibly strange, I'm not sure what the common Cho build is.

Start with either Boots + 3 Pots or Cloth Armor + 5 Pots

As the game progresses I'll eventually build into:

Heart of Gold
Mercury's Treads
Wit's End
Aegis of the Legion
Nashor's Tooth
HoG ---> Randiun's Omen (Probably picking up the Warden's Mail first)

With wards bought intermittently

The focus of this build is mostly placed of tanking and disruption with a heavy emphasis on Vorpal Spikes for both clearing jungle waves and providing damage during team fights.

Stats with full build:

Health - 2748 (Not counting Feast stacks)

Armor - 208

Magic Resist - 170

Attack Speed - 1.341

AD - 138

AP - 65

Cooldown Reduction - 30%

With Vorpal Spikes up my attacks will be doing 200 mixed damage a second (A little more than that, but I don't want to do the math)

That sounds like a low amount, but since Cho'gath is so tanky, has both Tenacity and Juggernaught he can afford to stick onto squisher members and pressure them, while disrupting the team with his lowered CD CC.

Ability Order:

I'd take Vorpal Spikes first, with a single point in both Feral Scream and Rupture early on.

After this I'll take Vorpal until I get Feast at which point I'll probably put more focus on ramping up Feral Scream for the extra duration/damage.

So, is this build viable for a jungler? Or is it too expensive, not enough damaged focused, etc. I'm interested in hearing about the pro's/con's of this build from an unbiased person.

Thank you in advance for any help, I'll probably be trying it out in a few bot games soon.

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Owl Be Back

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For your build start boots 3 pots-
maybe kage
Frozen heart
Frozen mallet or rylai
Wildcard spot

Do NOT buy nashors.

Cho gath does best as a peeler and this build gives him the defenses and CDR to do it.

Max feral scream first. Start with rupture.

For masteries go 9-21-0. You don't need the utility masteries.

Ur runes are ok but I'd drop the aspd marks for magic pen.

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I agree with Attack Speed marks since your Thorns are a decent component of your early damage.
I would go with movespeed QUINTS as Cho really needs the speed.

NO Utility masteries. I'd stick with 9-21-0 getting extra dmg vs creeps, Attack Speed, armor pen, and all the defensive stuff. Take the scaling CDR in defense. Its very cost effective.

Id start with Boots and 3 pots. The boots clear faster and help those early ganks which need some help.

Forget Vorpal Spikes for mid to lategame damage. Its just a nice bonus. Cho is a tanky AP caster. He rarely autoattacks outside of the jungle.
I agree with dumping Nashers. It sucks.

I would start with 1 pt in Spikes but no more past that (maybe +1 at lvl8). Then 1 rupture, then max Feral Scream. Its instant, always hits, and the looong silence is really helpful for the team. Rupture is fine but it doesnt gain all that much as you rank it up.

As above, you want to be hard to kill and tank it up. You get 900 free health, so you want to emphasize RESISTS/ARMOR, with just a bit of bonus health. Then you pick up whatever AP you can. I like Abyssal Scepter for him...helps the team, helps most of his attacks, good AP boost, great MR boost. I like it more than FoN which just gives MR and tons of unneeded regen. But the speed booster is pretty valuable though.

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Alright, thanks. Part of me really wanted to fit Nashor's in here because I wanted to see if it wasn't useless (I don't really like building it on Teemo or Kayle)

I'll make some more changes to it and take that out as well as using the other advice.

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Cho'Gath has a lot of options, whether you want to build more AP, tanky and I've even seen on-hit work tremendously well. I prefer being super tanky and annoying.

Marks honestly don't matter, it's a preference, all with their own advantages and disadvantages.
- Attack Speed = Faster clear.
- Magic Penetration = Slightly stronger ganks.
- Armor = Tankier.

Quints also are a preference, same as marks.
- Movement Speed = obviously you move faster, cho is pretty slow so it helps.
- Lifesteal = Your sustain makes you harder to deal with in a fight when stacked on top of your passive sustain.

Items- Boots + 3 HP Pots is standard
- HoG

At this point, you must look at the enemy team to see what they have.
1) Is the Mid AP getting fed/farmed? Get Negatron Cloak and work on FoN.
2) Do they have AP - Mid and Jungle? Get Wit's End.
3) Do they have AD - Bot, Top and Jungle? Get Glacial Shroud.

I check in that order because typically you have to base your build on who you're fighting the most and most likely should be the Mid AP followed by the Jungler. Even if the enemy team has 3 AD champions, you must build FoN if the enemy AP is getting out of control.

- After that I do the same check except on CC count. Does the enemy team have a lot of CC? Mercury Treads. If not, usually that makes Ninja Tabis the better choice.

Again, I do a check for warding and how well our support is doing. If they are dying a fair amount, I will opt to get the Oracles before working on Guardian Angel. If they are doing fine, I will work on Guardian Angel before grabbing a (second) Oracles unless for some reason the enemy team just isn't warding, then I'll just load up on Wards instead.

At this point my build should look like this:
- Upgraded Boots, HoG, Defensive Item, GA.

From there, I finish my defensive item if I need to and get the opposite item.

Basically my full build is almost always the same with one exception. If I don't get Wit's End due to how the game went, I will grab Abyssal Scepter last in it's place.

Nashor's sucks on everyone, it's a relic item from an age where all the most OP items got removed and the ones that stayed got renamed/changed, Nashor's Tooth has stayed the same for forever and that's not because the item is good. Any champion it might be good for, actually has better items you could get first and in this game, building tankier is often better than anything unless you're the AD Carry in which you would never even bother to touch this item.

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build ap cho in jungle with some added attack speed. his vorpal strikes gets really strong with a deathcap.
and kages lucky pick or a heart of gold that you can upgrade later for more gold
frozen heart
force of nature
boots of your choice
either ap item like abyssal scepter or a guardian angel or aegis of legion

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I usually start with a philo and give away second blue.

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I start Boots + 3 pots, then farm and gank until I get a catalyst, then go RoA and proceed with my build. There may be good reasons for not doing this, but it has worked for me.