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So About That Deathcap Replacement...

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Guise has long needed an upgrade option, so it's a good candidate for an upgrade option. However the bigger issue is that mage itemization sucks in this game, and has for some time. There are no other mid-range mage items other than than heavily nerfed Hextech Revolver, and Hextech Sweeper. Will of the Ancients used to be an option, but it got jacked up by 400 gold instead of having them fix the aura stacking. If you want an AP item, it's 2500+ gold. Morello's still sucks and they actually nerfed Deathfire when it was already a niche item. We need another < 2000 gold item. Something with AP and mres, or AP and armour would be nice.

Build variation kind of sucks in general actually. SR builds are pretty stagnant by role. All AD carries build the same, all AP carries build the same, all supports build the same, etc. Dominion at least sees some variation, just another reason why I prefer it. Riot rarely touches item and rune balance for some reason, I think the game could be much improved if they adjusted over/underused items more often. It took them forever to realize the magic pen quints and glyphs sucked...then proceeded to give them an absolutely insignificant buff. Two steps forward...

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To be fair Unholy Grail is a pretty amazing item. MR, CDR, and a nice chunk of AP all in nice little bite-sized components. Sure the mana regen is overkill on a lot of champions but that doesn't stop it from being a great item.

Mages have good itemization if they want stuff in the 3k range that gives a cross between durability and offense. In that regard they're probably better off than other champion types. Their problem is that their big investment is balanced around Summoner's Rift and the assumption that they'll be packing Blue Buff/Elixer/Level Advantage and as such it's gimped compared to the Ranger and Fighter big budget items of choice (Infinity Edge and Trinity, respectively).

The suggestion I've got here is centered on the idea that Mages need an early game transition item (Guise) durability (Guise again) and AP amplification (passive on the new Guise upgrade). This would be without a doubt the go-to item for AP focused champions assuming getting maxed CDR isn't more important to them.

I suspect that we would see Deathmask (or whatever) Abyssal and Frozen Heart as the build of choice on most Mages.