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New Game Modes

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Junior Member


im sure people have thought of adding new game modes before, but i would really like riot/pvp net to consider adding in some new game modes / maps to kind of separate us from our everyday almost clear cut specified game experience.
if you guys have any ideas, post them.

i was thinking of things like :
-capture the flag
-maybe a one v. one gametype, like the tutorial level map.
- 10 on 10, already lvl 18, you get 10,000 gold to spend at the beginning of the round. 1 minute to prepare. only one middle lane everyone would go down. 1 turret, 1 inhib, and a nexus for each team.

just anything really, to shake things up a bit, make the experience a bit different, a bit, new.

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That 10 v 10 would be an absolute clusterfun.

CTF might be cool, and the 1v1 on murderbridge is already a thing.

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I would like to see Team FFA match where multiple team of 2s, 3s, or 5s can have a FFA match against other teams... maybe a max of 4-5 teams per game, all just duking it out. It would certainly make it an interesting battle if the rules are set wisely.

Due to latency issues for some people, maybe spawn half as much minions as a SR game. I'm not sure how the bases should be but it shouldn't have more than two turrets.