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expand item list with the increase of champions

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Recently i've been noticing more and more with the recent explosion of new champions that possibilities of builds for each type of champion is extremely limited at this point. I live with 3 people and we all play league, and a common topic is builds for champions. We have all been noticing that the effective build for any specific type of champion, carry/tank/support, are pretty much limited to specific builds to be effective. this even goes down to sub categories for for the main ones.
With the influx of new champions i think there should be a large new set of items added. A new addition to base items to start the game of would be really nice to diversify early game play, the starting items are very limited and offer very little difference in starting play for champions. This problem also continues through mid to late game and i think there should be more mid game 2nd tier items added to allow more choices for build style to different types of champions. The addition of more 3rd tier items could allow 4th tier items to be made and further enhance player choice for late game builds.
So in all with the addition of so many new champions i think you should really consider and put some time into expanding the item base to evolve with the game, not just adding new champions. I realize you have been trying to diversify the game with the new champions but its not diversity if the new champions are stuck with the same old items and builds we have been using from the start. A couple items here and there just dont cut it anymore like it has been, we need a full new arsenal to use with all the new champions and unique abilities they posses.

If this could be taken into consideration and worked upon i think the entire league community would benefit from it.

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Items are made when they are needed, after being reasonably tested for a very long time.

Throwing new items into the game without a real purpose for each one to fill that is not already filled can only cause problems.

Analogy to what you are doing:
x: "I see that you are wearing pants."
y: "Yes, they feel very comfortable, thank you."
x: "Put this pair on over them."
y: "Why? I like these pants!"
x: "Because I don't think that you are wearing ENOUGH pants."
y: "But I only need to wear one pair of pants at a time."
x: "I don't think that is enough variety. Put on 3 more pairs of pants."
y: "Wouldn't that just weigh me down? I can really only need one pair of pants."
x: "I don't care, WEAR MORE PANTS!".

The point is that if there is no need for an item, it really shouldn't be stuffed in. Coincidentally, there are no items that are based on "pants" in this game, but looking like "pants" is not a practical purpose, so this is not a reason to add items that look like pants.