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if you insist on 0cs support, then make more item options to build gp5 into

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I undedrstood your way of thinking at the 1st time, but it still make no sense.
In worst case scenerio u have: Boots + Philo Item + Hog Item + another HoG since HP is always good + some random item + ward slot.
If you used your old gp10 item just buy a fresh one if you need it.

The problem I am getting at is that gp10 items are balanced to be weaker for their price; therefore, buying a duplicate gp10 item requires essentially cuts into your effectiveness (while you still have 2 of them), and the alternative of upgrading first and buying the second gp10 item later cuts out much of the income from a gp10 item. Either way, the support is weakening himself/herself more than he/she should.

It is better to be able to hold onto the gp10 to build into an item later, and make another item that you want that does not require gp10, because it does not "weaken" the support for some period during the transition.

For the above two reasons, it is best that there is only one good upgrade item that a support could really want from a single gp10 piece.

Does this make sense to you, or do I have to try to find yet another way to explain this concept?

I recognize the items just fine, point is you don't get to build any of them because you usually end up within SR, HoG, lucky pick and maybe one aura item.

I would love to build soul shroud, RoA, unholy graill , etc but that requires gold which you won't get without stealing cs.

Try building lulu, soraka or sona with about 250AP and aura/defense items...it feels like an entirely different champ. Its in those games that I get 40+ assists and your team gives you props on saving them so many times. Those are the games that make you want to play a support again, not ward bottling and dying in 2 secs late game

The lack of spare money for supports on Summoner's Rift usually prevents them from building up. Making more items that build from gp10 does nothing to fix this. It could potentially make it worse if the item that the support really should get first because of its effects happens to build from one of the gp10 items.

As for supports being the only champions who ward. This is not the way that games should be, but people can be selfish jerks.