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Is backdoor with Yi a viable strategy?

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Junior Member


post your thoughts I'm interested in this because I've seen a few Yis backdoor and sometimes it turns the whole game around

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Fat Ninja

Senior Member


Depends on the rest of the players.

Your team: Can they defend their turrets / base, or possibly push and win team fights 4 v 5?

If the enemy leaves a person to fend off and stop Yi's backdoor shenanigens, how will each of your teams fair in their 4 v 4 team fights?

The majority of times I see people backdooring, it's because one of two reasons. Their team is bad, and they are losing all the team fights, and Yi hopes maybe he can push some lanes / turrets / inhibs before the enemy team catches and punishes him.

If the enemy team is good / smart / just working together, it probably won't work. If they push their lanes out before going on the offensive, they'll probably do a 5 man mid push, knowing Mr. Yi won't be present in the team fights, and do more damage to you than you can to them in a shorter period of time.

It's usually a last resort strategy for me. Sometimes it works, agaisnt good teams, it generally doesn't.