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Should Riot Make This Viable Summoner Spell?

Yes 9 50%
NO! 9 50%
Voters 18 .

New Support Spell

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The Blue Jelly

Senior Member


The other reason you don't see CV as often at pro level is because at that level *people actually ward*. CV serves as either jungler-tracking or a quick oh-no-ward look. Since counterjungle is a thing, and most high end jungler players ward the enemy's jungle, the over all use of CV is lowered, and they'd rather take something that helps them win a fight already in progress rather than pick one that they can win. Even so, I'm fairly certain Xpecial's Sona guide still says he loves CV in spite of how much it's been nerfed.

Personally, when I support, I go Heal/CV. Because I actually ward and build as a tanky support, and just try to not get caught (lol).

Anyways, Axes pretty much explained why I don't like it, so I'm not gonna reiterate that =P

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I would greatly prefer this be an item than a Summoner Spell. Unfortunately, such an item will never happen, because Riot does not want to see an over-proliferation of ward items (which is also the main reason why Haunting Guise doesn't have a ward active).