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Soraka and Warwick

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i actually soloed a wwarwick as soraka dps) with madreds and frozen mallet and devine sword true story

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Soraka didn't do it on purpose.. She got so mad, so rageface that she did it, and was upset at herself for doing it, Hince why she's in the League now to show her faith to the stars again.

A lot of people do things they don't mean when they're upset.

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the theory was soraka nerfed herself because then WW would become an animal, and in which derpa derp animal instincts like must hump female wolf in presence of pheromones, would stop him from pursuing his alchemical goals.... because he was a genius, and now he has to rip people to shreds unless a summoner tells him otherwise.
Basically she nerfed WW's brain....
it was a PRETTY GOOD TRADE and i wouldn't say it essentially backfired, since if WW was still an alchemist he would've created a potion that could do things in the realm of gods, where now he's just stronger physically and has to kittyscratch people at every turn.
she wasn't ******ed it was a good choice...
think einstein vs leonidas, obviously einstein wins out in the long run.

And the whole thing about singed, look at where singed is now, giant shield champ nobody uses, what has he created?
poison, glue, steroids and the ability to flip people over his head.

yeah, REAL GOOD comparison to WW.

Warwick created a few weapons in his prime which quickened the movement of the war against Ionia, which outraged Soraka but clearly didn't do much for killing her people seeing as Ionia still has several long-standing cultures even after the height of the war.

Singed created a biological weapon as an apprentice so powerful that it left a scar on Ionia forever, a scar so twisted and brutal that the citizens of Ionia completely refuse to speak of what happened due to the ****ation it's wrought on them. In addition to housing potent chemical weapons inside his own body and the ability to wreak havoc on the battlefields single-handedly, ontop of being virtually immortal on the battle-field. He's only since become more learned.

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Eater of death

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Soraka did not turn Warwick into a werewolf she just hurt WW, ok lets start from the beginning

WW was once a master tracker hunting down humans and bringing them back to singed, so yeah he was not a great alchemist but more a hunter, then since his task were becoming more dangerous he asked Singed to turn him into the perfect human then Singed said that first WW would need to find three ingredients now listen up kiddies they were silver from the Shadow Isles, a fang of a bale fire wolf and the heart of a CELESTIAL being WW did the first to easy-peasy (just popped into the shadow isles :P) then he tried to find the heart of Soraka, who star called his ass making her a mortal, then WW ran back to Singed and asked for the potion incomplete, Singed tried to warn WW that the consequences could be dire but WW said "yolo" and drank it anyway, turning him into a werewolf from that day he has slowly been slipping from his consciousness and turning more animal than man

Now WW vowes to get Sorakas heart before he becomes completely wolf and loses all of his human thoughts