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How to counter all AD Carrys so hard that they are useless

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I´ve been playing as AD Carry since long time, and the last enemy we want to focus is the tank. It´s noob for an AD Carry to hit it when there are other squishies to kill. You got lots armor? We can counter it with any armor penetration item.

What makes an AD carry useless is not any item, but the way you play the game:

1. Outfarm. Any AD Carry need lots farm to make money. It is the main money resource. Do not let them farm, and with some good ganks, he won´t be able to do great damages later.
2. Usually AD Carry hates champs like Jax, Xin Zhao, Jarvan, etc.. Meelee champs who can dash or jump, that can do great damages, can kill any AD Carry very easily.
3. Coordination with allies and backdoors at Teamfights. AD Carry always stays behind his tank. But if someone backdoors him, enemy AD carry is almost surely died.

(Don´t tell any AD Carry that I revealed the secret!! xD)

Hate to break it to you, but killing tanks is one of the things AD carries are best at.

AP carries DO NOT focus tanks.. they have to focus squishies because they're cooldown and mana dependent.

AD carries deal consistent sustained damage to any target which is close enough to attack WITHOUT going out of position and getting caught/instagibbed.

This is why Tmail is effective for SOME characters.. It forces the AD carry to stand in the back not dealing any damage while the Tmail wearer initiates and throws people out of position.

No amount of raw armor will stop a geared AD carry from dismantling any tank in the game given enough opportunity.

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My ad carry destroyer soraka build says hey dawg.

Frozen Heart
Abyssal Sceptor
Sorcerer's Shoes.

Say goodbye magic resist!

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I have searched long and hard for someone with the WISDOM to teach me LoL. After just a few games, the OP has proven himself with true innovation! Who would have thought that thornmail is good vs autoattackers?!? I know...craaazy!

OP, please let me subscribe to your stream so I can learn at your feet! Maybe I can pick up other gems such as "negatron good vs AP".

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Same what you do for countering any other champ, Their weakness is armor and atk speed reduction then go for it. Thorn can be surpassed by lifesteal and is reduced by mres, the only thing thats good about it is its cheap and can get early game before the ADCs build much, bad thing is its pretty much useless if their ap caster starts carrying. by the time carries get their LW becomes more of a fight between teamwork, team composition and their ADCs to dish out the most damage.