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Musical Art Blitzcrank Theme User Made and New Channel :)

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Hello guys I seriously don't know where to post this.

I recently created a new channel because I came up with an Idea to make a Theme for every character that inspired me. My first theme is Blitzcrank: The Steam Golem. In future episodes the visuals will be a bit better, I was pretty burned out after a 3 day producing binge. Creating Original Content for me is hard since I have to create everything myself but i think it came out decent enough. The transitions in the song could use work but I didn't want it to have that Electric Music Layout so I didn't bother making epic drops or builds.

If you guys can leave some comments on it, it would be nice.

I'm also looking for a few more producers that can make some songs for other themes as I don't think I can launch a track every week. Also the person must be able to make a video for it. This can be perfect practice on producing and exploring new ideas.

Please Comment on it

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August Voices

Junior Member


Sounds Cool i think it fits him