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Did you Look at my match history? Do you think I should get punished?

I HAVE looked at your match history 13 24.53%
I have NOT looked at your match history 19 35.85%
I think you SHOULD get punished 12 22.64%
I think you should NOT get punished 24 45.28%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 53 .

Using Characters In non-meta ways.

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It wasn't necessary to deny your ad carry, even if you were an ap carry, of farm and kills. A fed ad carry is going to be scarier than a fed ap carry most cases. One on one, an ad carry will almost always win against an ap carry.

You could have gone AP Soraka and still played a support role, honestly, or at least played more passively. Just because your runes and masteries were different does not mean that you cannot still fulfill a different role or that you continue building down the line of your runes and masteries. It just means that you have a bit more early game strength in places you would not normally, and a bit weaker than what you would have been in your normal role.

As mentioned, Soraka still does quite a bit without items early game, but AD Carries absolutely need items to progress. Without them, they're just another body to throw at the enemy team.

The fact that you continued to deny your ad carry farm and kills only shows that you played selfishly and were probably still a bit upset that you did not get to play mid. I would say definite grounds for a report, considering this is a team game.