Elizabeth- the Living Battery

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A girl who accidently stumbles across an experiment to create an eternal battery, and her electrifying change.

Abilities first because I made a long lore by accident. The idea was to create a marksman-caster.

Innate: Living Battery
After not using an ability for 5 seconds, Elizabeth's mana regen per 5 seconds will increase by 25% until she uses another ability.

Q: Electric Arc
Elizabeth fires a bolt of electricity forward at the enemy, marking them if it connects for 2 seconds. Auto-attacking the marked enemy causes the bolt to leap to another enemy within 450 range, which then marks the enemy the bolt leaped to; allowing the process to repeat. It hits up to a maximum of 5 targets including the initial skillshot. If another enemy isn't within range the bolt will strike the original target again, each time dealing 50% less damage. The bolt will jump to the nearest enemy but enemy champions will receive priority over creeps or summoned creatures.
Physical Damage: 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+ 75% AP)(+ 30% bonus AD)
Maximum Physical Damage on single target: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 200 (+ 150% AP) (+ 60% bonus AD)
Cooldown: 15 / 13 / 11 / 9 / 7
Range: 950
Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 Mana

W: Never Ending Energy
Passive: Landing any of Elizabeth's abilities increases her attack speed by 5%. This effect lasts for 5 seconds and stacks up to 5 times. Her Q will activate a stack for the initial ability hit plus one for every marked target she strikes.
Active: Elizabeth gains a larger attack speed boost, but loses access to the passive while the ability is on cooldown. She will lose her passive boost during the active duration, the AS buffs do not stack.
Active boost: 35% / 40% / 45% / 55% / 60%
Active Duration: 12 seconds
Cooldown: 25 seconds

E: Blitz
Activation: Elizabeth begins gathering energy, increasing AoE and dash range over 1.5 seconds. While in this state Elizabeth can only attack and may not use other abilities, her movement speed is slowed by 20% while charging.

Second Cast: Unleashes magical damage in cone shaped AoE. Also propels Elizabeth backwards a set distance. Holding the charge past 1.5 seconds will root Elizabeth for 1 second and allow her to fire the AoE without moving. The extra rooted time will not boost the range. Deals 75% damage to minions.
Magic Damage: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 90% AP)
Initial AoE range: 700
AoE range gained for each 0.5 seconds of charge: 75
Elizabeth's backwards dash: 400
Dash distance gained for each 0.5 seconds: 50
Cooldown: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12
Cone Angle: 40 degrees
Cost: 75 Mana

R: Human Railgun
Elizabeth roots herself and channels her energy before firing a shard of metal across the entire map. This ability will not hit creeps but will hit Baron and Dragon. Every second Elizabeth channels will increase the base damage by 15%, maxing out at 2 seconds and the ability dealing 130% of the base damage plus the scaling. The channel begins when the ability is activated and ends when Elizabeth reactivates the ability. The projectile will fire towards the cursor, either when you click or when you press the key again. Elizabeth will remain rooted until she fires the ability. Being moved by enemy abilities will cause her to fire immediately from her location before being moved.
Regular Physical Damage: 300 / 400 / 500 (+75% AP)(+ 30% bonus AD)
Fully channeled Physical Damage: 390 / 520 / 650 (+75% AP) (+ 30% bonus AD)
Cooldown: 90 / 80 / 70
Projectile speed: 2500
Width of hitbox: 75 units
Will deal 10% less damage to subsequent targets, minimum is 50% damage.
Will not hit creeps, will hit Dragon and Baron.

Health 350 (+75)
Health Regen 5.5 (+0.55)
Attack Damage 46 (+3)
Attack Speed 0.625 (+2.5%)
Mana 225 (+45)
Mana Regen 7 (+0.50)
Armor 15 (+3.5)
Magic Resistance. 30 (+0)
Range 550 (Ranged)
Movement Speed 325

In the city of Zaun, scientific growth is often placed ahead of individual safety, and even further ahead of the safety of others. Many an unfortunate soul has wandered too close to an experiment and suffered the consequences- death in most circumstances, crippling disabilities in others, and then the odd case of blindness or extra limbs.
But, on one occasion, not only did the accidental passerby survive, she thrived. Elizabeth was her name. She had run away from home long ago, adamant that her family didn't love her. She resolved to find some way of living without her family. Like many Zaun children, she knew of the scientists that experimented throughout the city- but she overcame her fear in order to observe. She watched the learned men and women of Zaun, and, while she didn't understand their science, she could tell others what she saw. Some experiments were beneficial to others, but many were attempts at making stronger and greater weapons. She overcame her revulsion, but each time she grew sadder inside. Soon she managed to make a decent living, spying on scientists for their rivals. It wasn't only a matter of stealth, it was choosing to defy the inherent risks of being that close to the testing when you didn't understand the forces involved. Her life was not easy, but she had a roof over her head and enough food to eat, many couldn't say the same. She was grateful for what she had. But in the back of her mind a thought took root, and it grew almost daily, what would happen when her luck inevitably ran out?

She found out on the day she was commissioned to spy upon Victor. It wasn't the first time she had observed Victor, but the last time she had done so had been before he reinvented his body, when he had been working on some sort of steam golem. She worried that in his new form he would see and catch her. As it turned out, Victor not only didn't expect her- he didn't care that she was there at all.
Informed of the location of Victor's laboratory, Elizabeth crept close to the area where odd looking machinery was set up. Glancing around, Elizabeth saw no sign of Victor. Wandering closer and closer, she took notes of the strange pillar in the center and the electricity tracing patterns over it. Suddenly, a force-field spread up over the area. Panicking, Elizabeth attempted to run but was unable to move, stunned by the field. Looking up, she saw Victor in his mechanical form gazing over the scene. Upon noticing her he spoke,
"So, you wish to know my science? Behold, the ultimate energy source!"

Electricity began arcing from the central pillar to the others, and Elizabeth. Energy coursed through her, enough to kill a person a dozen times over. She fell, electrical currents bouncing through her body. She lay there, not moving and not breathing. Victor stepped over her still body and inspected his pillar, cursing at it before walking away. He paid no attention to the corpse of Elizabeth. A final, smaller bolt still remained in the machine, arcing to hit Elizabeth in one last electric shock. Elizabeth gasped, air rushing into her lungs. She quickly looked over herself, checking for injuries. Amazingly, she had suffered no real damage, apart from slightly singed hair and clothing, she had pulled through relatively unscathed- but not unchanged.

Elizabeth soon discovered Victor's experiment had made her different. Electrical blasts randomly emerged from her hands, at first simply dealing a small static shock to others, but over time the energy became more potent, eventually sending one of her friends to the hospital after she accidentally shocked him nearly unto death. She decided she had to know what happened, her clients had been baffled and unhelpful to her, so she walked up to Victor's lab one day and asked him what had she had become. Victor told her, she had been made into a living battery, naturally producing energy. When it became too much, she would eject it into the nearest object. Elizabeth asked him if there was a way to remove it. Victor laughed and beckoned his nearby machines to life, of course he could remove it from her, she was just unlikely to live through the experience.

Panicking, Elizabeth willingly tapped into her power for the first time, firing bolts of electricity into the machines until they were in pieces. Victor himself entered the fray, tossing his force-field device at her. Elizabeth unleashed a large bolt of energy, hurling herself away from the trap. Victor stood in her way, daring her to test herself against his triumph over evolution. Elizabeth crouched low and concentrated, harder than she had ever concentrated in her life, tapping into more and more energy. She picked up a small piece of metal and held it in the palm of her hand. She looked at Victor and felt all of the fear, all the wrong that was in Zaun, and channeled it into that piece of metal. She stood tall and faced Victor, and fired the shard forth with all of the energy within her. The blast was tremendous, knocking Victor aside and blasting a hole through his reinforced lab wall and several buildings beyond it. Elizabeth slumped over briefly before she felt her energy returning again. Victor stirred from where he lay, cursing her. Elizabeth noticed a crowd gathering, pointing at her, behind them were Zaun scientists, their faces masks of rage. She fled Zaun, fearful of Victor's retribution and the anger of the scientists whose work she accidentally destroyed. As she traveled, she came across news of the League of Legends. Upon learning of the relative safety of the League, and of the fields of battle where she could train to use her abilities, she eagerly made her way to the Institute of War. She promised herself that she would learn to harness her power, and that she would work towards making Zaun a better place for its citizens.

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3 Weeks Ago

Passive: Good for recovering mana quickly, but I would consider lowering the time initially or have the time to activate scale down as she levels.

Q: Am I correct in assuming that, if the bolt jumps to a new enemy, you need to AA that enemy in order for it bounce again? Also, is there a prioritization of one enemy type? Overall the ability is good.

W: I like this ability. It provides a lot of AS that will allow you to focus more on the damaging items (AD or AP, depending). The active is good, though I would have it at 12 seconds at all ranks, just to make it more useful

E: I think that the MS slow should be around 20%. 10% does not seem that impactful in my opinion, otherwise it is a good skill. (Based on Varus, my only experience with an ability like this)

R: Interested to see what you have in mind for this skill.

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12 Hours Ago

I'm going to log back on to finish this in a bit after class, I'll let anyone who checks this out wonder just what the special Easter Egg is.