(UPDATED) [Character Concept] - Fulgur, the Codex Adept (With Art/Model)

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Ancient Iron


2 Days Ago

The lore has been extensively reworked from his original incarnation. I felt he was becoming something unstable and at best a regular police officer with lightning powers and a robot head. So I rebuilt the lore and adjusted his abilities to compensate. Also, I built a 3D model to more accurately represent what I was imagining as I was simply unable to properly convey it through a hand drawn image. I'll be adding to the main post and the second post over time to add more lore and flesh out his playstyle.

Comments, criticisms, death threats, and the whole nine-yards are more than welcome here.

Fulgur, the Codex Adept

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Primary: Support / Secondary: Tank

Gender: None / Male
Race: Machina
Birthplace: Unknown / Freljord
Residence: None
Occupation: Adept
Faction: Codex
Base Stats
Health: 460 (+87)
Health Regen: 7.0 (+0.75)
Mana: 220 (+30)
Mana Regen: 4.5 (+0.4)
Range: 150 (Melee)
Attack Damage: 54 (+3.75)
Attack Speed: 0.685 (+3.05%)
Armor: 22 (+3.6)
Magic Res: 30 (+1.75)
Mov Speed: 330
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In the far north of the Freljord and buried deep within one of its countless frigid expanses, the remnants of an ancient legacy stirred. For so long had it remained hidden that had the tomb been laid upon by mundane eyes, there would be no numeral or alphanumeric that could be recognized; no matter how wizened or enlightened. Time and cold had consumed it and rendered it sealed beneath layer after layer of eternally frozen ice. However the rumbling of the land and the crushing blows of glacial fists had finally rent a crack which ran so deep that it split open the sarcophagus containing souls most ancient. Countless eyes, each gleaming with a horrifying light, stared out from the pitch depths of their supposed grave and beheld the gleaming wall of ice which stretched to the heavens from their gaze. The sundering of the tomb would go unnoticed and the tremors of collapsing ice would be counted as little more than another series of small quakes.

They could not ascend this grand obstacle by any feasible means; they could only burrow forward and ever so slowly upwards until the surface deigned them worthy to stand upon it once more. This blessed with the purifying fire cut a grand tunnel for their number while those who wielded the judging frost froze the melted runoff and made ever stronger the tunnel they all traversed. Stone was crushed beneath holy lightning while the novices carried aloft supplies and remnants of their ancient legacy. It would be years before they saw the light of the sun.

So far had they dug that when sunlight finally kissed their ancient steel bodies they emerged not amongst a frozen wasteland, but rather frigid fields filled to bursting with winter wheat and terrified farmers. Before bloodshed could come to pass out of misunderstanding and panic, the present leader of the realm they had infringed upon beseeched them to lay down their arms and come to speak in peace; that they may avoid needless death. The leader of the machines, a goliath with a birdlike head and adorned with the colorings of fire and steel, stepped forward and accepted this proposal. Too much was unknown and even the great Codex could not provide them with the answers they sought. As the leaders convened, novices were commanded to deliver a temporary aid in recompense for the damage done by their emergence. It would be an act of benevolence as seen by the humans and an upholding of the Codex’s law to the machines.

For days the leaders spake. In majority it was the queen of the land educating the machines of where they were and the situation of the land while the machines brought to light their purpose and their upholding of the Codex. To the machines, it was both horrifying and awe-inspiring. A land rife with lawlessness and yet populated with those who tried so hard in the face of adversity to bring about the law. While some beliefs of the various nations drew ire and others mild praise, the machines could all agree that nothing quite measured up to the glory of the Codex. To Queen Ashe, it was an exercise in tolerance and self control. One wrong slip seemed as though it could send this small army of metal beings on a justice driven rampage throughout all of Runeterra. To make matters worse, these beings seemed completely unknown to the League. Most certainly the machines had no knowledge of its existence.

Eventually, Ashe proposed a course of action for them in an effort to avoid an apocalyptic scenario. There were far too many people and creatures bent on destruction and domination in one form or another; adding a force like this to the brew could only cause yet further disaster. She proposed that they take the time to learn of what the world had become in its entirety before passing judgement. And as a step further: to enter one of their number into the League to see and experience firsthand how Runeterra handled disputes between nations. She was of the belief that thus far it had done an extraordinary job given the alternatives. Perhaps it would even earn the praise of their supposed deity; the Codex they seem to revere and live out their existence upholding.

The room was silent as the grave while the machines convened. It was in actuality only moments, but to Ashe and others present it seemed as though hours had gone by. Their leader turned back to the queen and voice their agreement. They would accept her proposition, for action in blatant and extreme ignorance is condemned by the Codex. What’s more. they would send an Adept to the League. Not an Adjudicator. Not an Enforcer. Certainly not a novice. An Adept was one who pursued both understanding of the Codex and the world in which in cast it’s judgement. To Ashe, they sounded like some manner of holy preacher.

From the far wall, one of the machine moved forward. It was knightly and imposing in its colorings of black, navy, and gold. The sharp glow of an electric blue illuminated parts of its frame, the most intense of which emanated from behind the heavy faceplate. It was identical in all appearance of body as a few of the others present; but of their number, only it wore gold and only it wore the strangely embroidered loincloth. Upon it’s back was a long, flat ended sword which occasionally crackled with lightning. When it came to stand before her, it bowed.

“I am Adept Fulgur, blessed by holy lightning. May the Codex be with you.”

It was a deep, mechanical, and masculine voice. Within it resided something which set on edge the nerves of all humans present. Deep within her heart, Queen Ashe wondered if she had perhaps loosed something upon the League from which it would never recover.
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[Innate] - Calculated Retribution
Whenever Fulgur damages an enemy Champion with an ability, they are struck severely by an intense electrical charge that hampers their defenses. Struck Champions take an additional 4/6/8/10% damage from all of Fulgur’s allies for up to 2 seconds. The percentage of increased damage increases each time Fulgur’s Ultimate gains a level and the timer resets when struck again by any of Fulgur’s other abilities.
[Q] - Incandescent Arrestor
Active 1: Fulgur raises his arm and looses a sustained, blistering wave of electrical bolts from his hand in the form of a 25 degree cone in from of him. This wave deals magical damage every second to all targets under fire and also slows their movement. The slowed effect lasts for 0.5 seconds after taking damage. This ability lasts for 3 seconds.
Active 2: Activating this ability while already in use will allow Fulgur to change the direction of fire. While selecting a direction, the original cone does not cease firing.

Fulgur is capable of movement with a penalty to speed while using this ability. The cone remains fixed while he moves.

Range: 500
Cost: 45/56/67/78/89 Mana
Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12
Damage per Second: 13/26/39/52/65 (+20% AP)
Max Damage: 39/78/117/156/195 (+60% AP)
Speed Penalty: 18%/15%/12%/8%/5%
Slow: 20%/30%/40%/50%60%
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[W] - Lightning Armor
Active: Fulgur releases a field of electricity all around him that electrocutes all targets caught in the blast and grants defensive bonuses to himself and all allies in range for a short time. Targets that remain in the field take magic damage every second.

Range: 300
Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 Mana
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11
Armor Bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
Magic Resist Bonus: 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%
Duration: 5 Seconds
Magic Damage per Second: 22/28/34/40/46 (+15% AP)
Max Magic Damage: 110/140/170/200/230 (+65% AP)
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[E] - Thunderous Pursuit
Active: Fulgur dashes in a selected direction at tremendous speed, dealing damage to all non-Champion targets in his path and gaining a bonus to movement speed. Should he make contact with a Champion, the dash ends with an tremendous vertical strike from his sword. This blow roots the Champion and deals additional magic damage. So long as an enemy is with range 10 of Fulgur when he is using this ability, they are struck by it.

Range: 600
Cost: 86/92/100/108/116 Mana
Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16
Speed: 400%
Damage: 25/35/45/55/65 (+15% DP)
Magic Damage: 80/95/110/125/140 (+50% AP)
Root Duration: 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5 seconds
[R] - Ultimate - I Am Judgement
Active: Fulgur draws out the full power of the holy lightning within his machine soul and prepares to deliver the final blow with an iron fist of law. After a 0.5 second charge time he looses a mighty roar and slams his fist into the ground, generating a tremendous explosion of lightning that deals Magic Damage to all enemies caught in the blast. Additionally, targets within range and even outside the blast are struck by a ground-shaking shockwave. This shockwave deals no damage, but instead slows them considerably for 2 seconds.

Range: 400
Cost: 150/175/200 Mana
Cooldown: 120/100/80
Slow: 65%/70%/75%
Slow Range: 600
Magic Damage: 300/400/500 (+100% AP)

“By the Codex.”

Idle - Looks around slowly, occasionally saluting with his sword.

Move - Heavy strides
“Moving to position.”
“More orders does not imply more speed.”
“I serve.”

Attacking - Delivers a crushing blow with his sword.
“The law is absolute.”
“They have chosen death.”
“Their choice was their own.”

Joke - Assumes a contemplative stance
“Ask not for humor and thine mind may be spared mine sense of it.”

Dance - looks up at the ‘summoner’ and glares

Death - Collapses face down in a shower of sparks
“Failure… Unacceptable…”

Taunt - Thrusts his sword into the ground and calls up lightning in his hands.
“One cannot hide from the universal law.”
“The Codex weighs all and judges all.”
“Surrender. Sublimation. Death. Choose.”

Taunt vs Blitzcrank
“Crude. Inefficient. …Impressive.”

Taunt vs Vi
“Never would I accept thee for sublimation.”

Taunt vs Demacian Champion
“Thine law stands before the Codex and is to be found… wanting.”

Using Incandescent Arrestor
“Thou shall not escape.”

Using Lighting Armor
“Prepare to move in.”

Using Thunderous Pursuit
“Escape is impossible.”

Using I Am Judgement
“I am the hammer!”
“I am judgement!”
“The Codex decrees!”
Fulgur is a supporting character first and foremost and his tank attributes should only be relied on when you are truly in the thick of it. Do not try to play him as a fighter or your will come to regret it. His abilities are centered around triggering his innate and creating situations for his allies to capitalize on for securing kills. Even his defensive buff falls into this category. Higher health, armor, and magic resist make him much harder to take down which allows you to focus more on acting as a support than worrying about being one-shotted like many of the more squishy supports. With fair attack damage and a decent attack speed he won’t shine in melee, but neither will he get overrun.

However do not get complacent when playing as him. His abilities have uniformly high costs and long cool downs. Combine that with a highly restrictive mana pool and low mana regen, and you will easily find yourself in cool down hell with no mana if you are not careful. Placement of his abilities is key. Throwing out everything will just get you killed and can very easily ruin good placement opportunities for his Ult and other allied attacks. Also keep in mind that with the exception of his Ult, Fulgur’s abilities are not exactly stellar damage dealers. Even landing every single one of them on a target may not be enough to get the kill. And even if it is, then you may very well have opened yourself up to a brutal counter by an enemy ally waiting for the right moment.

When playing solo, don’t try to push. Focus on holding the line and making the best use of your minions. Lightning Armor will help you build up a large wave as you increase their number through survivability. They may be weak, but large numbers can still pack a worrisome punch. Especially when taking advantage of Fulgur’s innate. Here is where your survivability and resource management will be put to the biggest test, so keep a close eye on your mana and your timers. Make your opponents pay for every inch and make sure it takes them as long as possible to do so. It'll burn them out and give an ally time to come in if need be.

When doing team play, work to your ally’s strengths. Move to create openings and situations for them to take full advantage of your debuffs and innate. The extra damage can be positively murderous if you allow a high damage carry to benefit from it. Incandescent Arrestor will help keep large groups together for timed AOE and aura damage while Thunderous Pursuit will stop a fleeing foe in their tracks, allowing for an ally to finish them off or even just plain catch up. Keep Lightning Armor up when the madness begins and reap the benefits of a ludicrously tanky wall of doom.

In both modes of play, Fulgur’s Ult can be a real tide turner. Aside from dealing massive damage, it also procs his innate. Assuming anything is left alive after the explosion, the survivors will be taking extra damage, slowed, and very vulnerable to being finished off by either allied Champions or a minion swarm. Even if they avoid the explosion. there's still a good sized area beyond that which will inflict slow and can leave an escapee wide open.

And don’t forget that both Incandescent Arrestor and Thunderous Pursuit can be used to make a getaway in a pinch while Lightning Armor will keep you alive longer to get away.

When it comes to building items for Fulgur, focus primarily on offsetting his poor sustainability by getting items that give him more mana and mana recovery from various sources. Spell Vamp can be useful, but should not be focused on considering how he cannot pump out his abilities rapidly. Passive recovery suits him better. AP is good to have, but since the focus is on his supporting effects rather than his supporting damage, aim more towards items that grant more effects that trigger on ability use and save the AP for when you’re ready to kill things with his Ult. Having a good array of active items will help further offset the infrequency of ability usage.

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Ancient Iron


1 Day Ago

Within the confines of a room lit only by candlelight and filled nearly to bursting with tomes, scrolls, and strange accoutrements, a robed figure sits hunched over a table. A freshly bound and empty tome is being filled by the constant scratching of inked quill on paper.

On Machina

A collection of notes, thoughts, and observations compiled by Summoner Decia Gilead.

It is through constant observation and discussion with these strange beings, that I am slowly coming to piece together more and more of what they are.

What I have discovered is, in many ways, horrifying.

From what I have gathered, each and every single one of these Machina were once some form of sentient and intelligent being. Their creators chose them either for some form of tremendous ability or what appears to be an immense devotion to what is known as the Codex. I will touch more upon the Codex later. Right now I shall focus on their physiology. To create a Machina, a process called Sublimation is undergone. First, the “living flesh” must be abandoned and the soul extracted willingly. The key word here is WILLING. Apparently, one cannot be forced to become a Machina and any shred of doubt can put the entire process into grave peril. Death is an absolute certainty here. Once the soul has been properly conditioned it is placed within a special sort of matrix, the making of which I have yet to receive any sort of detail on, and this matrix is then bound up by equally ambiguous and hidden magics. At this point, it is no longer really just a soul. The Machina I have spoke with call it their Machine Soul and declare it to be their heart, their mind, and the very core of their being that connects them to the Codex.

Eerily spiritual for a race of law obsessed golems…

But I digress.

This Machine Soul as they call it is useless without a body. Surprisingly, the actual bodies we see walking around are the least horrifying thing about them. They are just shells. Incredibly advanced and intricate shells; but still nothing more than a collection of ancient techmaturgical workings in a vaguely humanoid shape. I doubt we’ll really ever be able to grasp the workings of the Machine Soul, but given time I think its more than possible for us to build something comparable to their physical bodies. In some ways I’d say Piltover has already surpassed their creators.

Now we get to some of the more… disturbing parts on Machina. Perhaps even more so than what goes into creating a Machine Soul.

The following comes directly from the Machina’s entry to the League; Adept Fulgur:

“The Codex is all. We live its divine law. We study its sacred workings. We enforce its grand word and judge those who violate it. We strive to become it and be deemed worthy to be joined with it in our final hour.”

According to… him. (Okay, his voice sounds masculine and acts masculine; so I’m using male pronouns.) Anyway. According to him, this Codex was created by their creators as a kind of ‘absolute law book’ as a way to logically devise a law governing every possible offense and way of life while meting out punishments against offenders based on every possible situation. And they add to it whenever something new comes up that the Codex has not ‘foreseen’. The Machina worship this thing like it was some sort of deity, and apparently that is something that is imbued into the Machine Soul during conditioning assuming it wasn’t already there. It’s absolutely insane. Did you know there is a different punishment for stealing a health potion based on WHY it was stolen and further accounting for WHO stole it and who the victim was. I’m guessing they needed these machines to keep track of all the laws. There must be more laws than there are grains of sand.

The most devoted to the Codex are called Adepts, like Fulgur, and a sign of their station is both gold paint and gold on that loincloth thing. Novice Adepts don’t get gold paint on their bodies and they wear some kind of rope around their wrists instead of the cloth. Master Adepts have full on robes with their loincloth and apparently there can only be three at any given time. He didn’t tell me much about Adjudicators or Enforcers, only that the former were equivalent to our kings, queens, and other ruling stations while the latter are like our armed forces. Supposedly the one who brokered this whole deal with Queen Ashe was a Master Adjudicator.

And this I feel is pretty good to know, especially if things go sour.

The COLOR and the HEAD of a Machina tells you a lot about it.

Adjudicators typically have draconian or avian looking heads (I don’t know the difference between them yet) and their station is determined by their color scheme. A Novice is primarily steel colored and as they rise through the ranks, they are painted with more and more orange and red. Also. only Master Adjudicators have painted heads.

Enforcers have these strange… I’d call them animal heads for lack of a better term, and they look like some horrible cross between a hunting dog and a shark. Freaky, yes. They’re decked out in all sorts of heavy armor and painted a straight up flat green. The only indicator of rank I’ve been able to figure out is that more black bars mean more authority.

Adepts are painted black and navy and have helmet looking heads. I think I saw one that had a slightly humanoid head, but it could be my imagination. And I already covered how their ranks are set up.

I already mentioned Novices, but Fulgur stated there are Novices who have yet to become even a Novice within any of the three castes. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any and the best I got out of him was that they were “lacking all forms of physical definition beyond what is needed to grow”. A real help there…

Oh, and on the mention of color: regardless of caste, each Machina will have parts of them that glow. That glow never changes and is uniformly one of four colors. That color defines their “blessing” and I was informed that blessings are granted by the Codex either as a gift for possessing something comparable when still having a living body or for deeds that go above and beyond. Fulgur mentioned his was for deeds and their current Master Adjudicator’s was innate. Anyways. a red glow implies fire, light blue implies lightning, and purple implies ice. If they have no blessing, then the glow is grey. Good to know.

I’ll have more later, but I have a match to get to and I’ve been late for the last three.

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Ancient Iron


1 Day Ago


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Ancient Iron


11 Hours Ago

Bump with more updates.

Also, if you think Fulgur would react in a certain way to another Champion, even your own, let me know. It could turn into something either quite amazing or incredibly amusing.