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ARAM - 5v5 Online Tourney! MiminiMurderBridge!™

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Stream (http://www.twitch.tv/projectlmaokai)

OPEN 8-2-12 TO 9-1-12, AND WILL BE OVER 2 DAYS (9-8 AND 9-9)
A new take on the ARAM play... a touney on our very own "The Proving Grounds" map! Come play with your fellow ARAM lovers in a solo-style game.

Insert your Summoner name, Elo, and Champion numbers (How many champions you own), for a slot in the event.

You will be randomly matched with other players in a team depending on your Elo, so we might balance things out. We have slots for 12 teams (60 Players).

Prize Pool:

1st place team will be betting 25 Dollar RP card-codes!

2nd and 3rd will be getting 10 dollar card-codes!

If you'd like to join, again, leave your SUMMONER NAME, ELO, and NUMBER OF CHAMPIONS OWNED below! (NA ONLY!)