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3v3 normal wins

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summoner somenot

Senior Member



- my normal 3v3 wins were at 1047

- league updated, now those wins, i don't see when i play 3v3, only 5v5....

- why? that is kinda depressing for people like me who have only really played 3v3 now its over in 5v5's which i've played maybe 20 of.

- so i can play my favorite (3v3) and not see all my wins, or switch to 5v5's and see the wins....

- after 2k games working so hard to see those wins after a 3v3 match, i think im done with league, its a great game but its so depressing to know over 2000 games, all to waste. thats about 1000 hours of playtime. sure i have no life, but regardless of whether i have or do not have a life, this has really bummed me out. its a free game they can do what they want, but i won't be spending more money on it.