League champs screw up?

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Sneaky Palms

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I joined a qeue and got into a lobby, chose ezreal then LoL said active game was not found, i clicked ok and then it was showing the teemo skins page even though i didnt pick teemo someone on my team already had, so it said 2 teemo's on our team, i clicked lockin ( it wasnt greyed out?..) and it chose annie now both me and the other teemo turned into annie
i've been having a few problems with LoL lately like a week ago i was in a lobby and we went to the loading screen, everyone had summoned but one person (it wasnt me ) i was on that screen for about 5-7 minutes so i closed LoL and opened it again i clicked reconnect to game and i got in to the game and found out the game has been running that whole time. so my whole team reported me because i was 'afk' even though i wasn't connected they didnt beleive me when i told them this so yeah
is anyone else having these kinds of problems? is it just me?
heres a link to a picture of the client (theres two annies..