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Problems with LOL

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any1 else sick of the market not loading champs not coming up properly. you have to log out and back in way to much in this game. The game is fantastic but there are so many flaws, we have al these updates with no warning and really wtf is with the game booting you than u try to log back in and have a 200+ mb dl b4 u can log back into ur game. Another option that would be fantastic is and its a big 1, im sick of buying characters and than watching them hit with the nerf stick and no way of recomp REALLY i play another game eve-online and when items or characters get nerfed (which means chars loose attack damage or ap or other things long those lines) its so annoying the game needs a option to trade in chars maybe for half of what u payed for them in first place would be great. And here is my last rant Where is the option so u can pick or select that u only want to play with ppl that speak the same language, im so sick of playing in a team where they all speak a different tounge. Its a team game ffs how than do u play as a team when u speak english and the rest are speaking sometimes 2-3 different languages. For God saes please devs senior members whoever fix these problems and the game ill be fantastic. i know im not the only 1 who feels this way so pls comment the more the better and maybe we can turn this game from a god game to an epic 1. Well thats it from me PLEASE dont feed and if ur playing a chr for the 1st time PLAY AI GAME AND LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE. oh and ps if u have a team where there is an afk the surrender time should be shorter and surrender should be disabled if the scores are close so ppl dont cry and give up