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MY cataclysm fix!

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So, since everybody and their mother seems to be making threads about this, and I end up being drowned out when I post my idea, here it is:

Jarvan's arena is way too easy to get out of, pretty much the entire forums seems to agree on this. I want to fix it by making it just a bit more than an Anivia wall in a circle, especially since Anivia's wall still has some better utility than cataclysm anyway. My idea is to make it the ULTIMATE battlefield changer.

Firstly, Riot just needs to fix the whole 'not being treated like regular walls' thing, since that's the reason that a few escapes that shouldn't be able to escape can, but mostly;

Cataclysm should have Graves' W's smokescreen effect. Enemies outside the wall can't see in, enemies inside can't see out. This means that the majority of escapes (targeted ones) are no longer usable. In exchange, reducing it's CD scaling and possibly a slight CD increase, as the change isn't especially major in laning phase, but is extremely effective in teamfights. If that isn't balanced then making the arena have 2 stages, a preliminary stage where the smokescreen is in play (1-1.5 seconds) before becoming as it is now.

Just my opinion, I think it'd be a great change, and really force enemies to make decisions around cataclysm, rather than just switching targets and blowing cooldowns. Like I said, the ultimate battlefield changer, since it is, you know, an ultimate.

Add a smokescreen like Graves' to Cataclysm.