WOOT 2 quadras in 1 game as zyra!!

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played a game of normal unranked with a buddy and got 2 quadras in 1 game! first one was when i was mid and saw ww peal off bottom to go for his blue, interrupted him and bursted him down pretty much instantly, enemy team collapsed in on me and lets just say long story short didnt work out for them. 1 person from bottom assisted on the final 3 kills (we were actually down in kills 4/8 before the quadra but i was pretty fed off cs from mid veigar who wasnt really contesting me

second quad came off my ult just a minute later when a team fight broke out after i took mid turret off the first quadra, im backing with my gold i get there my team is fighting (losing) and enemy alistar flashes after a friendly to chase them down, i ult 3 picking up an instant triple, then catching some donkey who decided to chase me with 2 plants a snare and a q

man! i hate to brag like this but holy **** some times things just go right! i needed this badly after an 8 game losing streak!! fun times hahaha inb4 zyra op

with that said though, the enemy team seemed fairly inexperienced although all but 2 of them were 30s the other 2 being 28 and 24. they were by no means pros but ****!! so happy lol!! especially since my also inexperienced team was doing what my team always does --- letting me down! zyra carry ftw!

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Good work.