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Garen Advice

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Hey I have been playing as an AD build Garen, I am level 13, rune page is flat AD my mastery is in def. 3 resistance, 3 hardiness, 4 durability, vets scars, and 2 indomitable

This is my build:
boots 3, warmogs, atmas, frozen mallett, sunfire, force of nature
I never seem to get to the Force of Nature in a real game though, so idk if it counts in my build

3 questions

1: Is this a good build, i got it from a friend who has a level 30 account so i trusted him?
2: Is there anything i could change to make it better?
3: Any advice for playing Garen, or any other champs w/ builds that are similar but better?

I will be thankful for any imput, thank you so much.

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Here is a good guide I use to play Garen. http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/a-simple-and-comprehensive-guide-to-garen-revamped-152774 This guide is very useful if you read it. It made me a pro Garen player. I always win my lane for the most part, but remember it is all about counter picking.

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For non-ranked its fine. I suggest taking out one of the health items (sunfire or frozen) since garen should not be built true tank. Consider a wits end for some MR. I'd try it like this:

1 boots--> boots of swiftness
2 Giant's belt-->Warmogs
3 Chain vest, Null mantle (turn these into atmas and wits end, but buy those parts first)
4 Whatever else you feel like based on how the game is going
5 WARDS all the time

I assume your full build is about 4K health 200+ armor and <100 MR before force of nature? So you seem weak to magic damage, but have so much health it doesn't matter. Yes atmas ups your AD, but you need more AS to do more damage.

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Your build should be:

1. Boots of Swiftness
2. Warmog's Armor x5

Winning teamfights
1. Walk into teamfights
2. Press E
3. Press W
4. ????
5. Pentakill