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Recipes Consuming multiple items

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I just noticed that if you purchase a 3 tier recipe, while having an item from Tier 1 in your inventory, at the same time as a tier 2 item that already used it, then it will consume the extra tier 1 tem.

Confusing? Yes, let me try an example.

In building a LifeSteal setup, I purchase a Vampiric Scepter, Rejuvination Bead, and then upgrade to an Emblem of Valour. Now, I have an Emblem of Valour, and purchase another Vampiric Scepter to increase the Lifesteal I have. The problem is, when I decide to upgrade my Emblem of Valour to a Sark's Fervor, it will also consume my second Vampiric Scepter, even though it should no longer be a part of the recipe.

This also happened with a Sapphire Crystal as a prerequisite for Sheen when upgrading to Lich Bane.

Is there any way to fix this or prevent this from occuring?

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Yeah this is happening to me too ... the only way to avoid it is to complete the recipe for the t1 item first , i know it sucks
i hope devs know about this

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Just wanna say it happens to me too, was hoping this was fixed this patch.

Catalyst + red crystal + blue crystal + 1710 = Rod of Ages

At least we still won, but being 1k behind sucks.